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You have to soak/rinse the backdrop several times (rinse it thoroughly before putting it in the tank and even then I'd completely fill and empty the tank 10+ times to be sure), then cycle the tank as normal (look up fishless cycling online).

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The best way to decide on a backgrould is to first visualize what you want your tank to look like such as a specific feel or image you want displayed. Then you should design your tank with your fish in mind and what will they be most comfortable with. This is the best way to install the perfect backdrop and design your fish tank.

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May 1, 2006 - I had a busy day with the fishtank today. I cleaned the tank. I shuffled the pumps and filters around. I made a black backdrop for the tank. Aquarium backgrounds give some oomph to your setup, making your tank look bigger and fuller, without taking up valuable space. You can add a backdrop on the outside of your tank at any time, whether the tank is full or empty. But if you prefer to place the image on the inside of the tank, it'll take some work. Interior backdrops require your tank to be completely empty, meaning you'll need to find temporary housing for your fish, if applicable. Either way, a new background gives a whole new life to your underwater setup.

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In addition to the background, you can be creative by adding colored pebbles, rocks, plants (live and/or artificial), and even ornaments in your that will complement your backdrop and it will make a huge difference in the overall display of your tank. A background creates dimension for your tank as well as a theme and it creates a vision of luxury infused with nature. Not only is a fish tank background easy to replace and attach, but it also provides depth to your visual attraction, giving the endless visual delusion of your tank.

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