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DRACO wrote:

cmwong3883 wrote: those big fish won't bite or bully the small oscar ? i try few years ago , just one night only , the baby oscar was injured till dead .

nah, the big guys protecting the small one... i had done this on several occasion,
the previous small oscars are not fully matured...

i believe that is the magic of being too many in a big tank...
it lessen the aggression.

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Baby Oscars need an abundance of space and a clean fish tank to regulate growth and prevent disease. Warm water temperatures and a good selection of hiding spots will make your baby Oscar feel secure in his surroundings. Oscars will eat a large diet of brine shrimp, causing rapid growth. Oscars can reach lengths up to16 inches and weigh almost 2 pounds. These fish can live for 10 to 15 years and are a long-term commitment.


Baby oscar fish eating - YouTube Generally, small fish need to feed at least twice daily, and juvenile oscars are no exception. I tend to only feed baby oscars until their bellies are slightly distended; that is called feeding satiation. Try and vary the foods a bit, even on a daily basis. For example, mysis shrimp in the morning and a staple pellet in the afternoon or early evening. Also make sure that you are offering a small amount of food at a time. Let the fish actually swallow some before you dump more in their tank. If you add too much, oscars tend to gum and spit their food in an effort to move on to the next piece that is offered. Basically it should take longer than 10 seconds to feed your fish. You enjoy watching your oscar, so take your time!

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Rocksor wrote: Spend the money and get 6"+ clown loaches. If you get the small ones, even with 4" ones, chances are high that the oscar will try to eat them within a year, and the occular spike under its eye will cause it to get stuck in the oscar's throat.

Any nitrate above 20ppm is already to high for most captive bred fish.

It's not that I don't want to spend the money. It's that I literally can't find any clown loaches for sale in Australia larger than 4", after visiting all the LFS in my city as well as looking online. If I buy baby 2" oscar, how big will it grow within a year under ideal conditions? 8"? I have heard anything up to 1" a month but surely that is not sustained growth month after month? I would predict 4" CL will add 1-2" in that same time. I can delay the oscar buy a few extra months to give the CLs an even bigger head start.

Yeah, I will aim to have nitrates

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If your intentions are to keep the baby Oscars then you will need to take them away from the parents and put them in their own tank. You're not removing the fry for protection, you will need to put them in the tank that has pristine water conditions. Also, in order to feed and help them grow properly, they will need to be completely on their own without any interference from other fish in the aquarium.Brine shrimp are by far the best food to feed to your Oscar fish fry. People have been using baby brine shrimp as fry food for many years. Brine shrimp are packed with all the nutrients and proteins that your Oscar fry needs to grow into healthy adult fish. Brine shrimp also trigger the hunting instinct so your baby fry is more likely to react to baby brine shrimp than long living food.