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When I was growing up most of my life my parents always had tiger oscars and as my brother got older so did he. When I got my own fish tank 2 years ago I bought 2 tiger oscars from the pet store, I paid $10.99au for each tiger oscar. I was so proud that I too had my very own tiger oscars. I have a 5ft long by 2ft deep by 2ft wide tank so they have room to swim and grow big. My tiger oscars have never been aggressive towards other fish or to the fresh water snails, til one night I noticed that my oscars were hovering over a section in my tank. Their I noticed that their were over a 1000 eggs been laid. I also noticed that my two oscars had become aggressive to the other fish and fresh water snails in the tank. I have never bread tiger oscars and I had to phone my dad for advice on what to do as he has bread tiger oscars before, he explained that it is a hard thing to do and it’s even harder to get a pair of baby oscars that have grown in to a breading pair. So I went on the search on the net to read how to do this so I get it right the first time and I have lots of tiger oscar eggs hatch. I have all the right environment going on and I had to remove the other fish and fresh water snails and since doing so my pair of oscars have settled down there not aggressive any more. To sit and watch my pair care for there eggs and fan the water around is one thing and then I saw my male oscar do his job. My oscars I thought were acting strange and after reading up on it I have come to understand that there doing every thing right. It is truly a wondrous thing to see and to be able to watch my own oscars is amazing and I truly am enjoying the experience. From: Aaron Godden

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We started with 8 two inch size baby Oscars in the TOP tank (the idea being to give 4 away (or if we lost a few) and keep 4 in the 100 gal tank)

Well I ended up having to get my 60 gal out from the basement and set it up below for the other 4, We don't have the heart to give them away now :)

If you want the Biggest fish possible do not listen to the people that say Oscars "beg for food" or "don't know when they are full" or "they will over eat killing themselves", Think of it like you would ANY baby animal (a puppy or kitten for example) As long as they are Growing... Feed Them when they are hungry!! I have been raising Oscars since 1984 and they will grow MUCH Larger if well fed as babies, we feed them about 8 times a day (or more)

Here is my rule of thumb, Don't put more food in the tank than they will eat in 3 minutes, BUT feed them every time they are hungry (Keep in mind his kind of feeding REQUIRES a good filter like the FX5 or many water changes)

We only use Hikari Cichlid Bio-Gold Plus, There is NO OTHER Food that has the beneficial microorganisms (provides improved digestion, rapid growth, reduced waste, and improved water quality.)

The Fluval FX5 Filters are very nice (don't listen to the reviews that say they are not well made, like anything made of plastic a normal amount of care in tightening and servicing them is necessary) They run Very Quiet, Move a TON of water, remove all the Oscar poo

The Whisper 100 air pumps are nice for the money, they put out a lot of air and make very little noise

If you want to add some very cool lighting (for very cheap) get some LED strips and use some painters tape to hold them on the outside of the tank (out of all the colors red works best) you can find them here:

Our Oscars are really starting to come into their own now, they are now starting to let me rub their backs and pet their heads : ) Video will be shot of that as soon as I have them fully trained

They have the Most Personality of ANY fish!!

Hope this helps some other Oscar Lovers out there!!

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I have a couple of questions about feeding my Tiger Oscar, Groucho now it wasnt the best kept fish shop, appauling actually. i found a lone baby red tiger oscar in a tank that was that green with algae i nearly couldnt see the little guy. the substrate was covered with faeceslgae and the internal filter was struggling to run, if at all. the poor little guy showed small white flecks on his body and fins, as "ick" white spot had set in. after bluntly explaining to the attendant that this is no way to care for a fish and that he seriously needs to take more care with his filtration and water quality. (there were many other tanks that were almost as bad as the oscar's) i bought the litte guy and headed straight back home in rescue mode.

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(btw- yes, I know all about the size tank I need for him... I mention this b/c it seems anytime someone posts fish pictures anywhere (not saying just here, but any forum) most of the responses are 'i hope you have a big enough tank'. When people post pics of their dogs, people don't start asking what size yard they have even though different breeds do need certain space just like fish... I am just posting the pics to show him b/c I love my beautiful new baby and want to share some pics . I have all the care correct & am not new to fish. Right now I have this 2 1/2" Oscar in a 55-gallon breeder tank (pre-cycled). If he outgrows it, he gets a bigger one.)

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