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Knowing exactly why you need an automatic fish feeder will lead you quickly to a small number of options off our list, and the parameters of your tank or pond should get you even closer to a choice.

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Until you're in the thick of it, you can't know what you can and cannot trust yourself to remember. That's why having a system that will automatically feed your fish is so crucial, especially to new tank owners or to folks who like to jet-set around the globe and can't be home to distribute the flakes.

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Automatic Fish Tank Pond Food Feeder Feeding Timer Aquarium New - US$10.99 However, if you’re very busy and you want to put an automatic feeder on the tank, don’t forget about it. It’s going to run out of food after about two or three weeks and you’re going to need to restock it. Even forgetting for a week is going to be a problem because those fish really rely on the feeders.

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Another problem with automatic feeders is they drop the water. Most foods float, so when they drop the water on the surface of the tank, it has a tendency to deliver the food into the overflow box where it goes right into the filter, bypassing the tank itself and not really benefiting the fish. So make sure that the types of food that you use doesn’t get sucked into the filter. You want to use a sinking pellet. And try to vary the diet. Take two or three different types of food, mix them in a container, then put those into the automatic feeder.

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Automatic fish tank setup using Mitsubishi Medoc small PLC (programmable Logic Controller) that takes care of feeding, water changing, level control, heating and Lighting. User programmable for almost any variation of controls imaginable. Even includes power saving program. Programmable via Laptop cable to USB port. Inputs - water low level, water high level (in sump) Feeder at 0 position, Unit run button, Auto feed button, water change button, Feed now button, Add water now momentary push button. OUTPUTS - sump pump, heaters on, lights on, solenoid in, solenoid out, feeder motor, LED strip light inside tank. air pump.This is a demonstration video of the Eheim automatic feeder model . I am preparing the fish tank for my vacation and purchased the auto feeder to feed my fish while I am gone. The auto feeder has options to feed up to four times daily. This video demonstrate how to use the Eheim auto feeder and its features. This automated fish tank feeder can hold up to 6 weeks of food, depending on how many times per day the fish are fed and the size of the fish food. It's an easy way to ensure your fish are being fed while you are gone.
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