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The slow dispensing, weatherproof pond feeder from Fish Mate is a cheap option that is designed to work in all ponds and large aquariums. Its users like that it is very inexpensive, but also note that it is very difficult to calibrate it to dispense the correct amount of food. It is capable of storing up to 21 days worth of food in its large hopper, has a reliable and accurate quartz timer, and a 1 year battery life. This automatic feeder is a poor choice if you are looking for a good-quality feeder for your pond or aquarium.

The best I’ve managed to find isAutomatic fish and pet feeders for aquaponics

However, choosing the right item isn’t that easy especially for first-time users. This is complicated by the many types, limited knowledge, and intense market competition. Fortunately, we have broken down the top 10 best automatic fish feeders in 2017. What’s remaining is for you to make your pick.

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Automatically feeds your fish when you're on vacation. For fresh and saltwater fish. We have carefully selected out the best automatic fish feeders to save your time and keep your fish fed and healthy all the time. You can choose any of the products, listed above for your purpose as we found all of them to be good value for money.

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Those who are planning to have the best aquarium auto feeder for them, but do not have the budget right now, then I will recommend you to have this Penn-Plax automatic fish feeder which has the ability to feed your fishes twice a day without your supervision and also comes at a really affordable price.

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