Fish Mate P7000 Auto Pond Fish Feeder - Inland Koi

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Programmable Automatic Food Dispenser Auto Pond Fish Feeder with LCD Display

Fish Mate Pond Automatic Feeder P21 holds 21 days of food and is fully weatherproofed! The Pond Fish Feeder can hold up to 1 1/4 cups of food.

The Pond Automatic Feeder may be mounted on a pole by waters edge, or suspended over the water. Features adjustable feed quantity and timing for all fish foods. Requires one AA Battery. Reliable and accurate quartz timer and has a easy to read battery condition indicator.

Automatic Directional Fish Feeders for your lake or pond.

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Automatic Fish Feeders: Supplemental Feeding For Lake And Pond Fish

Knowing exactly why you need an automatic fish feeder will lead you quickly to a small number of options off our list, and the parameters of your tank or pond should get you even closer to a choice.

Pond Fish & Koi Feeders: Koi Café Auto Feeder

Clog-free performance means reliable, automated meals for pond fish. Fish Mate P7000 Auto Pond Fish Feeder features an automatic unblock function and a unique auger-style feeding mechanism. Corkscrew action prevents compaction as it dispenses preprogrammed portions of koi pond food pellets or sticks up to 5/8" in size. Also handles large, irregular pond fish foods for nutritionally varied feedings no longer limited to just pellet fish foods!Large capacity hopper holds up to 30 cups (6.5 lbs) of dry pond fish food. Weather-resistant snap lock allows convenient refills. Easy-clean hopper, lid, nozzle and feed screw are dishwasher-proof for hassle-free upkeep. P7000 Auto Pond Fish Feeder can be fastened to a secure base for increased stability. Requires 4 four C size batteries, not included.The fully programmable P7000 Auto Pond Fish Feeder with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) control ensures ease-of-use. Set consistent portions from a minimum of three teaspoons to a maximum of four cups to feed pond fish up to three times over a 24-hour period. Extra Feed, Advanced Feed and Manual Feed features let you customize feedings by allowing you to serve additional food at any time, schedule a preprogrammed mealtime sooner or serve a predetermined portion without programming mealtimes.Automatic fish feeders are a great way to automatically supplement the food source of your fish. Fish will not eat the fish food as a primary food source, but will support the existing food supply available to the fish in the pond. We recommend using one fish feeder per acre, and feeding twice a day, once in the morning and once in late afternoon. Only feed what the fish will eat in 10-15 minutes. If you have food floating to the shore and not getting consumed, you can cause problems to the health of your pond. If the fish are not eating all the feed, turn down the amount of time the feeder is running. If they gobble up the feed in a couple of minutes, consider feeding a little longer.