The features this automatic fish feeder from Hydor has-

Automatic fish feeders make feeding the fish in your pond or lake easy. Set daily feeding schedules to feed your fish multiple times of the day. Fish feeders run on 6v or 12v depending on the model, and they can be connected to a solar panel for mainteance free fish feeding. A variety of fish feeders exist for your specific application. We offer shore feeders that sit on the ground, dock feeders that mount to a post and hang over the water as well as hanging bucket feeders that you can mount just about anywhere. Fish feeders are directional feeders meaning they only throw the feed out in one direction, unlike deer feeders that throw feed in a 360 degree pattern. Make your fish happy and get a fish feeder for your pond today.

Implement an Android App to feed the fish Mannually ...also the automatic Feed.

A programmable timer tops the feature list on this automatic fish feeder that also features a water resistant container, keeping food from clumping.

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The Hydor Automatic Fish Feeder looks a lot like the IntelliFeed Fish Feeder, I show you how to test if an auto fish feeder is working

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There are no favored brands in the automatic fish feeding industry, although there is a lot of favoritism towards auto feeding tablets. The big type in that category are the ‘Pyramids’, large ones that dissolve and can last from up to 3-30 days. And beyond the tablets there is a mix of traditional quartz timer feeders and new age digital feeders.

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