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The Australian Rainbowfish is a peaceful schooling fish that we love here at Centreville Aquarium. Native to slow moving rivers in southern Australia, these fish grow to about four inches. During mating season, males display vibrant blue, orange, and red hues. Like many of the fish mentioned above, Australian Rainbows breed during the rainy season, and can be bred with the help of the Current Satellite LED. These fish are ideal for communities of small fish, as they are not aggressive towards other species, regardless of their large size.

- Breeding and raising the Australian Rainbow fish, Pseudomugil gertrudae and Pseudomugil signifer.

Try to mimic the natural environment of your specific species when keeping rainbowfish. Many species of rainbowfish can adapt to a broad spectrum of water temperatures since they hail from environments where the temperature varies a great deal. Rainbowfish have been found in waters where the temperature can drop down to 5 degrees C (41 degrees F), and species that live in shallow bodies of water exposed to the strong Australian sun can endure water temperatures above 35 degrees C (95 degrees F). Always research you particular species in order to find out their optimal temperature range. In the aquarium it is best to keep the temperature stable, unless you try to induce breeding by tampering with the water temperature. Generally speaking, 20-24 degrees C (68-75 degrees F) is recommended if you fail to identify the species of your rainbow fish. Increasing the temperature up to 28 degrees C (83 degrees F) may induce spawning.

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- Breeding and raising the Australian Rainbow fish, Pseudomugil gertrudae and Pseudomugil signifer. Australian rainbowfish are colourful fish, hence their name. Their sides are silvery-brown, and have a green or silver sheen. A blue stripe extends from the snout to the caudal fin. The other fins are yellow and marked with orange or red. In males, several orange stripes run laterally across the posterior half of the body. Males have red spots on the dorsal, anal and caudal fins, with a blackish margin when breeding. Females are less intensely coloured, lacking some of the brilliance and red stripes along the .

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Australian Rainbowfish are easy to breed however with these species, be careful with crossbreeding. In the wild, Rainbowfish will not

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if needed, to an optimum temperature of 24-28°C., for spawning, hatching, and rearing rainbowfish, species. The range for breeding can be 20oC - 24oC. I have had them spawn at 19oC. It is assumed that water parameters are ammonia/ammonium and nitrite free, low in nitrates, well oxygenated and of the correct H and dH for the species. For example, requires soft, acidic to neutral water and and most Australian species require harder water and a higher H. [See my and for some details of selected species.] - Breeding and raising the Australian Rainbow fish, Pseudomugil gertrudae and Pseudomugil signifer.
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