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Daily deals site has cancelled a discount offer if had sent to Austinites for the troubled Austin Aquarium and has issued refunds to purchasers.

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The Austin Aquarium is especially excited to be able to offer an exciting entertainment venue perfect for children and families. Experience this truly unique Texas adventure and learn about the world beneath the ocean’s surface without the long trip to the coast. The aquarium features thousands of living species of animals including reptiles, a variety of tropical and cold water fish, various exotic birds and more. Among our exhibits you will see sharks, stingrays, the giant Pacific octopus, corals and other invertebrates, lorikeets, toucans, Macaws, tropical and cold water fish, exotic reptiles and amphibians from the Rain Forest area, and on select days even Mermaids! Guests are also able to hand feed and touch sharks and rays, interact with birds in the Lorikeet aviary, or to get up close and personal with many of the reptiles and other animals on exhibit. The Aquarium offers multiple educational programs and events for kids including Octopus Encounters and morning rounds. Go behind the scenes to see just what it takes to care for our fish, reptiles and invertebrates. Maybe you are looking for a venue to hold a memorable and unique event? We can accommodate birthday parties, corporate events, family reunions, graduation parties, and class reunion parties. The aquarium owners place a premium on the family experience, with a special interest in foster children. Having hosted 31 of their own, and adopting 3, they understand the struggles foster families face, and therefore offer free admission to foster children. Print our coupons for savings and be sure to purchase an annual pass before our discount ends!

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The Austin Aquarium does not officially open until November 2013, but family memberships—valid for two adults and up to three children—grant exclusive early access for ten days before the general-public opening. also receive perks such as a 10% discount on gift-shop purchases, group events, and and sleep overs. At all times, children under two and foster children of any age receive free admission.Free your mind with a pit stop to this chamber of culture. Of course, it's Austin Aquarium's fantastic center in Austin. When you're ready for a new experience, stop by here and get acquainted with some culture.