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Letter to Petco Regarding Aquarium Brands -- 2/11/2014

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Bring Back Aqueon All-Glass Aquariums!

Dear Petco,
I'm writing to express my discontent with your recent decision to switch from selling Aqueon "All-Glass" brand glass aquariums to the lower quality Tetra brand glass aquariums.

You may not know this, but the aquarium community is extremely tight knit, highly capable of after-market DIY modifications to tanks, and completely reliant on local stores running aquarium sales to keep the cost of buying aquariums low enough to own multiple tanks. And as you know, the more tanks we own, the more dry goods you sell, which is where you make your money.

I recently learned that you have completely discontinued selling Aqueon brand glass aquariums in my area. Aqueon "All-Glass" in my opinion is the most respected and highest quality glass tank available. It's the only brand of glass aquarium that I will trust in my fish room, and the only time I will buy new tanks is during your famous $1 per gallon sale on Aqueon brand aquariums.

Tetra glass aquariums may be lighter and cheaper to offer in store, but I absolutely refuse to accept it as a replacement for Aqueon tanks. I will never buy a Tetra brand glass aquarium from your store due to the severe lack of quality control in the entire product line. Tetra's glass panels don't line up flush, the silicone seals are messy, and the introduction of tempered glass means I can't drill the tank. If I can't drill a tank, I won't buy it, ever.

Tetra glass aquariums may save you a few dollars on shipping, and it may save your average consumer a dollar or two when buying their first aquarium, but for a long time, experienced aquarist like myself, Tetra glass aquariums are completely incompatible with my needs.

Please bring Aqueon brand glass aquariums back into your stores, please make them available for custom/bulk order, and please respect the most experienced and most highly invested segment of your aquatics consumer-base. Please also bring Aqueon tanks back into your $1 per gallon sale, otherwise I will be forced to shop elsewhere.

I have shared this letter with the rest of the aquarium community and have encouraged them to spread the word. I sincerely hope you listen.

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you don't have to get offended by the term budget. im not down playing the tanks. they are great tanks that does the job. In the world of fish tanks. the aqueon and marineland hits the market at the low $ end. which is fine because it satisfies the taste of the masses like you and me

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