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Aqueon is a relative new comer to the Tropical Fish food market. Expanding out from their "All Glass" roots, Aqueon now has its feet in all aspects of the aquarium hobby. My original assumption was that Aqueon was an American version of Tetra, an offshoot of a conglomerate corporate entity with sub-par products for the less than knowledgeable Wal-Mart consumer.

Aqueon foods were developed by aquatic hobbyists to provide the optimum nutrition for fish.

Last year, zoo med flakes. They are kind of fragile and pulverize even when you wish they wouldn't. but they are thin, so its harder to overfeed. As in the Aqueon, the balance was the same for "different" products. Both earthworm flake and spirulina 20 have 45% protein, 3% fiber. Is there some study somewhere that this is the optimal fish food ratio? Also tried the zoomed banquet feeding block. Its the first "vacation" feeder I have liked. They actually tell you how many fish it will feed and how long. I'm sure it didn't last the whole time, though. My limia immediately started attacking the block and yanking out pieces of food.

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Aqueon foods were developed with premium ingredients and unique formulas to keep fish healthy and energetic. Aqueon foods contain Ocean Nutrition Community Formula Flakes combine vegetable and seafood protein, including brine shrimp, fish protein, salmon, squid, plankton, clam, krill, herring, and kelp, among other sources. Ideal for freshwater fish, these flakes also provide garlic and vitamin C, which help boost the fish's immune system and coloration. Finally, not only are these flakes healthy for the fish, but they also do not cloud the aquarium water.

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I had samples of several varieties of flake and algae wafer. The fish ate it all well and I didn't see any red flags like water clouding, bloat, or dyed water. But I didn't do any comparison testing either. But they do have a large room full of tanks in Wisconsin for testing aqueon products on actual fish. We toured them 2 years ago at ACA. It is common for rival food makers to claim their food is more healthy. Can you be more specific? Have you seen any primary sources? It is certainly possible for a new food to have something wrong with its formulation when it comes out. But I haven't read of any recalls, so it can't be too fatally bad.

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