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In a closed system such as an aquarium, plants will grow only as well as their limiting factor. Nutrients and light may be abundant, but some will still always have struggling plants. In most cases, it is because a lack of carbon dioxide (CO2) is limiting any further growth. When plants are growing poorly and light and nutrients abound, algae can become an issue. Certainly, a CO2 injection system will resolve this problem, and modern units are now available that are simple to install and regulate.

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This "power compact on steroids" is another option for planted aquariums or hydroponics.
In fact, this is option better option than many of the cheap LEDs flooding the market such as the Finnex or Satellite when up front costs per light efficiency is considered (as well as durability).
When used with the optional polished reflector or in an aquarium canopy with a mylar or similar reflector, the SHO is an option still worth cosidering.

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Newer LED technology incorporates a larger amount of light that will work much better for helping your aquarium plants grow successfully. My aquarium (Riparium) is a constant work in progress. I run a lower tech system with a 20 inch tall canopy. I use T-5 lighting. I use 1 day light bulb and 2 atinic blue bulbs; at 3 watts per gallon. I have a lot of fast growing plants (some above the water line), and a few small fish; so algae is not much of a problem. I perform a 30% water change once every 2 weeks, with top off in-between. Nitrates stay below 3 ppm.

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If the canopy has doors that you can't see through, glare is dramatically reduced. The lights are placed much further above the aquarium. This allows the light to be directed completely downward. Almost all the light that shines out of your aquarium, comes from being reflected off plants, fish, and décor.

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What are low light plants and what can they do in your aquarium? They are often referred to as the “” as they are very easy to maintain and they can thrive in .Pictures of this light don’t do it justice. It looks like something from the 90’s, but it has GREAT results. The built-in timer makes it even easier for aquarium light beginners to master, and they’re very forgiving when it comes to growing plants.Usually used as an underwater decoration and a hideaway for fish, these low light aquarium plants do not need extra lights, specific water regulations, or even CO2 to survive.Light is necessary for the health and growth of all aquarium plants. Proper lighting enables the plants to absorb the carbon-dioxide gases the fish breathe out. Too much light will cause the appearance of microscopic life known as algae. Too much light and a type of algae can grow that will too little light and plants suffer, but with the right level of light some small spots of green algae appear on the service of rocks and sides of glass aquarium. ,