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Epidemiologic, traceback and laboratory findings between 2009 and 2011 link this ongoing, nationwide outbreak of human Salmonella Typhimurium infections to a single African dwarf frog breeding facility in Madera, California, Blue Lobster Farms. African dwarf frogs from Blue Lobster Farms were not sold directly to pet stores or to the public. The owner of Blue Lobster Farms voluntarily stopped shipping African dwarf frogs in late April 2011. In May 2011, the California Department of Public Health sent a letter to the direct customers of the breeder to recommend they discontinue distribution and sale of these frogs and decontaminate the tanks or aquariums in which they were kept. Public health officials with the Madera County Department of Environmental Health are currently working with the owner of Blue Lobster Farms to conduct interventions and ongoing testing and monitoring of the frog breeding facility. In early June 2011, the owner of Blue Lobster Farms resumed shipping frogs. At this time, the effectiveness of these interventions is unknown, and reports of ill persons infected with the outbreak strain continue. African dwarf frogs from Blue Lobster Farms may be found in pet stores, educational stores, toy stores, fairs, carnivals, from online retailers, and other venues.

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We have the ever popular African Clawed frogs for sale at excellent prices. This species eats anything it can fit into its mouth, and has a voracious appetite. They can live for up to 25 years in captivity, and can reach five-inches in length. They are entirely aquatic and should thus be kept in an entirely water-based aquarium. This is not the dwarf species. When you buy a Clawed frog from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee.

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Water contained in aquariums where frogs and other amphibians are housed is an ideal environment for growth (). Aquarium water should be changed regularly and aquariums should be cleaned frequently. However, in this investigation, in 30% of patient households, aquariums were cleaned in the kitchen sink, posing a risk for cross-contamination with food preparation areas (). CDC has published guidelines for consumers on how to reduce the risk for infection from amphibians and reptiles (available at ). Preventive measures include washing hands thoroughly with soap and water after touching animals or cleaning aquariums. No regulations prohibit the sale of small frogs, but education measures might help reduce the risk for transmission.

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