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Ideally, your frogs housing will depend on its natural habitat. Because your frog tank will need to be waterproof, and since frogs, unlike many reptiles, can be easily damaged when jumping against the walls of a new environment, it is generally recommended that you obtain an aquarium from your pet store rather than go through the trouble of building one yourself. (Unless you know alot about building glass tanks)

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Aquatic frogs make great pets Aquarium tanks are plentiful at pet stores that specialize in fish. There are four types of standard tank setups for frog care which you will need to consider:

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You should never release any aquarium pet into the wild, but clawed frogs deserve a special admonition. The predatory nature and ability of clawed frogs to adapt to a wide variety of conditions has made them invasive in many areas. In fact, some states have banned clawed frogs due to the danger of them disrupting native ecosystems. Never release a clawed frog into the wild.

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Unfortunately, one of the most commonly mislabeled species I have run across in pet stores is the African Dwarf and Clawed frogs. Both are fully aquatic frogs, and both appear fairly similar when young. However, while generally they seem less fragile as pets, Clawed frogs also grow to be quite large! As big as a fist infact, while the Dwarf frogs never grow larger than an inch and a half in length. In addition, Clawed frogs are actually illegal in some states, such as California, and recently in Oregon. This is because some of these guys got loose in the water system and started eating EVERYTHING in sight!Traceback investigations of frogs associated with positive environmental isolates have been completed. African dwarf frogs from the homes of the Colorado patient and the Utah patient were prizes from games at two different carnivals. The vendor who distributed the frogs to both carnivals was from Utah and identified the source as a breeder in California. Environmental sampling from the vendor's home (of aquarium filters and skin previously shed from African dwarf frogs) yielded multiple isolates matching the outbreak strain. The aquatic frog from the home of the New Mexico patient was purchased from a pet store chain, whose distributor identified the same breeder as the source for all of its aquatic frogs. The family of the Ohio patient purchased its African dwarf frog from a department store, whose distributor identified the breeder as the ultimate source of its frogs.