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Ghost shrimps are very inexpensive because they're sold primary as feeders for fish and aquatic reptiles. But because they're so inexpensive, some pet shops don't take care of them very well. If you want to use ghost shrimps in your frog tank, I suggest that you buy them from a pet shop that keeps them in the same tank as fish that they sell as pets (like neon tetras or zebra danios), not in a tank with fish that they sell as food (like rosy red minnows or comet goldfish).

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Live tubifex worms are awesome for aquatic frogs. Very high in vitaminD, protein and low in fat. My white Xenopus Laevis frogs freak out when I throwthese guys in! Now that I think about it, they freak on food thrown tothem, but you can tell they especially like these. You can usually findlive tubifex at the larger pet store chains. Most people don't know that you can raise your own, but there is an easy method. I describe the simple process here: .

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Jurassipet JurassiDiet Newt & Aquatic Frog Food Dry Reptiles & Amphibians Food JurassiPet offers a full line of products for repti I have quite a few (more than 10) of these guys, and I'm in the process of moving them from a number of small aquariums into one larger 20-gallon setup. They're fed a variety of Hikari frozen foods--bloodworms, Tubifex worms, brine shrimp and Mysis shrimp primarily. Up till now, I've always hand-fed all of the frogs--I take a frozen food cube, dissolve it in a small dish of aquarium water, then use tongs to feed each frog some thawed food.

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Another type of fish that should be avoided with African dwarf frogs, are fish with long flowing fins. Because of their poor eyesight, frogs will often mistake the long fins for food, and will latch on, only to be dragged around the aquarium. This will eventually result in torn fins for the fish – something that no fish owner wants.

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Your kit comes with a few months worth of food. However, you can purchase some extra if you’d like to save a trip to the pet store later. Aquatic Frog food in a 2oz bottle provides an excellent source of nutrition for your pet dwarf frogs.For gravel, and substrate, you need to ensure that the pieces are not small enough for the frog to ingest when lunging for their food. Dwarf Frogs are usually bottom feeders, and will often swallow small rocks and stones if they are small enough. Having such a small intestinal tract, these small stones will typically get stuck, and will inevitably cause death. Another precaution is that African Dwarf Frogs are tremendous jumpers. From solid ground, such as the top of a filter, or a solid leaf, an African Dwarf Frog can easily jump 4 inches, which is more than enough for them to clear the top of an aquarium, if there is no lid present. African Dwarf Frogs require constant contact with water, and spending anything more than 15 minutes out of water would more than likely be fatal. If you are interested in keeping DAF, then make sure your aquarium is fully closed.