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Fish breeding is a challenge that attracts many aquarists. While some species reproduce freely in community tanks, most require special conditions, known as before they will breed. The majority of fish lay eggs, known as , and the juvenile fish that emerge are very small and need tiny live food or substitutes to survive. A fair number of popular aquarium fish are which produce a small number of relatively large offspring. These usually take ground flake food straight away.

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Future trophies may be luckier. Ifremer's researchers are searching for a way to keep deep-sea animals alive indefinitely, so that their entire life cycles can be studied. This means building high-pressure, onshore fish tanks. On April 7th the Océanopolis, a big aquarium in Brest, will unveil two such chambers. Each Abyss Box, as the contraptions are known, costs €100,000 ($134,000) and contains 16 litres of seawater held at 180 atmospheres. Crucially, each has a window: a glass visor 15cm across and 8cm thick.

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The 15 most beautiful aquarium fish in the world Infographic ~ Salt water tanks. So, how large of an aquarium should you buy? The short answer is to size the aquarium based on the types of fish you wish to keep. In our experience, the ideal minimum size for a nice group of colorful reef fish is a 160 gallon aquarium measuring 7 foot long, 18 inches deep by 24 inches tall like the one pictured at the top of this article. Taller tanks holding more gallons with the same or smaller footprints usually do not allow more fish to be kept successfully since reef fish are generally more concerned with finding their own place within the reef structure, not up in the water column.

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Probably the original king of the aquarium kit, Tetra products have come in bundles for as long as I can remember. When I was young, my father kept fish for years, often taking advantage of these deals. This is the standard 20 gallon size can comes in three variations — Color Fusion, Standard, and GloFish. This kit includes a made in the U.S. glass tank, LED light hood, Tetra Mini UL heater, Tetra Whisper 20 filter, an artificial Boxwood plant mat, and four artificial plants. All you need is and, of course, fish. The beauty of these large tanks is that you can really design a killer habitat.

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I run a research lab at the MGH and am the head of the zebrafish aquatics core. Everyone in our lab clamors for space in the Aquarius rooms. The main reasons include the option to split the tanks with the divider and the flow system (which is hugely better than other companies). The tops don't get gunky with food and there are really never any clogs. Installation was super fast and professional. Overall my and my lab's experience with the Aquarius Fish Systems has been overwhelmingly positive. The Aquarius Fish System™ is designed to be cost-effective and eliminate efficiency problems found in other zebrafish housing systems. Our proprietary “Rinse & Reuse” mechanical filter saves time, consumable costs, and can help boost facility LEED ratings. All racks accommodate any combination of tanks