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Where does everyone else look for aquariums? Are local makers the cheapest option? Or is there a website that sells all-glass or perfecto at good prices (including shipping)? From what I've found so far, 90 gallon tanks still cost in the low $200's and that doesn't include shipping.

Luckily, there are some easy,cheap ways to set up a new aquarium without breaking the bank.

Some small aquariums are not even made of glass, like a typical 5 gallon fish tank can be made of cheap plastic, resulting in an even cheaper alternative. And then there is a plastic called Acrylic that is stronger than tempered glass and way more expensive too.

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Cheap Fish Aquarium Everybody wants to save money. Yes, even the rich ones. That being said, saving money should not be your one and only concern when buying aquarium equipment. If saving money is your only concern, your decision is clouded and you’re only going to consider the cheapest option which can backfire down the line.

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The reason for the huge price difference between used and brand new is the fact that around 70% of people quit this hobby within a year. For a hobby, this is abnormally high. For these failed hobbyists, selling the items that they won’t ever use again for cheap is better than getting nothing. These used equipment may come in dirty and stained but it’s nothing that a good washing won’t remove. Overall, buying used aquarium is a wise choice. I definitely recommend it to any beginners wanting to own their first aquarium.

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The 2 biggest complaints that many people lay against Reef tanks is that they are very expensive and not environmentally friendly at all. While this is true of many reef tanks out there, this does not have to be the case. The purpose of this article is to show you how you can save your pocket book by getting a cheap marine aquarium, and the environment and still have a beautiful reef tank.Get the ultimate DIY book ►

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A basic aquarium pump has may uses when it comes to "Do it Yourself" and the aquarium hobby.

This is yet another use for one! A cheap and simple sponge filter. In my opinion, every fish tank should have one.

As mentioned in the video, you would have an already cycled filter for almost any situation. Make yours today for your fish tank, and it could possibly save you some real problems in the future!

To clean this filter, it is best to do so during a water change. Drain old tank water into a bucket, and rinse/squeeze the filter into it. When depends on how much you feed and how stocked the tank is. usually once a week is best.Hey I was just wondering, I may be moving soon, and wanted to know if there is a specific place where you could get the cheapest aquarium stands, because the new house may not have a spot like I have in the house I have right now. Thanks.I’m a garage sale fanatic. For every 10 garage sales I go to, at least one will have aquarium stuff. The tanks usually range from fish bowls to 10 gallon tanks, but occasionally a big tank and stand will be for sale. Bowls and tanks are often accompanied by a bag of gravel, some décor, and/or LED lights. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across filters and heaters too. So garage sales are another alternative to finding very cheap aquarium accessories. There is a risk of buying faulty products, so be sure to test filters, heaters, and other electronics before adding to the tank.