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The upgraded, shaft-less impeller boasts unique design for wide and gentle water flow beneficial to aquarium inhabitants. Connect the timer-controllable circulation pump to a timer or wavemaker for custom aquarium water movement. A patented magnetic base with articulating ball joint allows full, 360-degree range of convenient pump positions. Direct vital water movement to areas of your aquarium never possible with conventional powerheads.

Koralia 240 - Fits 3/8" Glass - (Freshwater 16-28 Gal. / Saltwater 10-15 Gal.)
Koralia 425 - Fits 3/8" Glass - (Freshwater 28-50 Gal. / Saltwater 15-30 Gal.)
Koralia 600 - Fits 1/2" Glass - (Freshwater 40-70 Gal. / Saltwater 25-40 Gal.)
Koralia 850 - Fits 1/2" Glass - (Freshwater 50-90 Gal. / Saltwater 30-50 Gal.)
Koralia 1150 - Fits 1/2" Glass - (Freshwater 70-125 Gal. / Saltwater 45-70 Gal.)
Koralia 1500 - Fits 1/2" Glass - (Freshwater 90-160 Gal. / Saltwater 55-90 Gal.)

Hidom WM-3600 Aquarium Wave Maker 6000LPH Marine Coral Reef Fish Tank Water Pump

Wavemakers and oscillators are water surge devices used in aquariums to simulate the natural wave motion of the ocean. Simulating this movement promotes oxygenation, enhances the tank's environmental conditions through water circulation, and provides other benefits such as bringing food "to" corals and other sessile invertebrates. From simple directional water pumping powerheads, to programmable electronic units that can be timed at set intervals, here are our top picks in wavemaking

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2500L/H 3W Circulating Fish Tank Marine Coral Wave Maker Aquarium Pump Powerhead Flexzion Aquarium Wave Maker 800GPH Submersible Circulation Water Pump 360 Degree Rotation Powerhead for Reef Coral Fish Tank with Suction Cup Mount Power Cord

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Another creative solution to the issue of randomized water movement is the use of some sort of mechanized return system. One of my current favorites is the Sea-Swirl. This device attaches to the back of the aquarium and oscillates the return from your main return pump or closed loop pump back and forth once every minute. Although these units are somewhat expensive, they do solve many of the problems that wave makers have.

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In Today's episode we are going to discuss aquarium wavemakers including Tunze, Hydor Koralia and EcoTech Marine Vortech pumps. We will install the Voretcs including the battery back up system. These low profile aquarium pumps are really slick and I love the redundancy the battery backup adds to our system.

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