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The better way to deal with cloudy aquarium water is to remove the excess organic materials that are causing the bacterial bloom in the first place. This can include:

If you’ve already discovered cloudy aquarium water, then it’s time to talk about treatment options.

The most important thing is to be patient. You have to realize that an aquarium is a glass box full of living things, and no living thing is instant. Patience is sometimes difficult for us to achieve in this world where we can talk instantly to someone on the other side of the world, or call up a Web page in a billionth of a second. Fish, invertebrates and other aquatic life, including filter bacteria, require time to become adapted to their new home and begin to grow. If we try to rush the natural process of establishing a tank and immediately stuff a new tank full of life, things will go wrong.
When something like a bloom of cloudy water happens, first try to figure out what happened, and then, once you figure out what went wrong, correct it. Don’t just start adding chemicals and cleaning things. That might set the establishment of your bacterial colony back and actually prolong the period of cloudy water. Be patient.

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OK, there are two main reasons for white cloudy water in aquarium and no one of them is dangerous. Okay, let me guess, your aquarium water has turned cloudy? Please don't start panicking, this is a very common occurrence and every fish keeper will experience cloudy water at some stage. This article will address this common problem. I'll explain some of the reasons why your aquarium water will suddenly turn cloudy and I will endeavour to give you a few tips on how you can not only cure the problem but stop it happening in the first place. But it's inevitable that you will experience cloudy water, even if you've got an aquarium that is well-established.

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Some people mistakenly assume that the bacterial bloom is the result of the nitrifying bacteria, but this is wrong. Nitrifying bacteria grow much too slowly to cause a bloom and cloud the aquarium water.

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