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So, most people that put their tanks directly in sunlight in a window are going to get green water. Unless their aquarium keeping practices and their filtration is kept really clean and they don’t overfeed.

Just talking about how to get rid of green aquarium water. 25%-50% water changes and make sure you are patients.

Algae is a broad term used to classify a wide range of plant-like organisms. There are a few types of algae you may encounter in your freshwater aquarium, but green and brown are the most common. Both are a result of normal processes in your tank, and no cause for alarm. Brown algae are easily dislodged from surfaces with a quick wipe, but green algae are a little tougher to get rid of and needs to be scraped away.

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To ensure that this green water will not come back again, try to shift your aquarium to somewhere that will not be exposed to excessive sunlight. The most immediate threat of green water is oxygen depletion. Green water is a free-floating algae bloom and algae takes up oxygen just like any other plant. Creating surface agitation in the aquarium can easily increase oxygen levels. Adjusting the filter return to increase surface water movement will increase available oxygen in the tank. Further, the tank temperature can be lowered a few degrees increasing the water’s capacity to hold oxygen.

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The water in my 5 gallon aquarium has been green for 2 months. I have been changing 25% of the water every day using water that has been bottled for two days and conditioner. I have changed the filter at least 4 times. I have kept the light off most of the time and it is not near a window. If I let the aquarium go for 2 days, the water is so green and murky that you can hardly see the fish. There is no algae visible in the tank other than the green water. This is a tropical fish tank with a heater. The temperature is always in the appropriate range on the thermometer. There are only about 7 small fish in the tank. I have one large algae eater (about 4″ long) that does not seem to be cleaning the tank. I just can’t think of anything else to do. Your help would be appreciated.

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The most common cause of green water in your aquarium is direct sunlight hitting your tank or a very bright sunlit room. The first step is to reduce or eliminate the sunlight that is hitting your aquarium or entering the room.Usually the result of an algae bloom. Read up on how to . The green cloudy aquarium water will not harm your fish but it is not the most pleasant thing to look at. This happens because of the amount of nutrients and the amount of light entering the aquarium. Your tank water is nutrient rich, which may mean that you're feeding too much, your tank may be overstocked or you're not doing enough water changes or a combination of all the above. The main problems are usually high nitrate and phosphate levels. If you have a saltwater aquarium consider using a and . Avoid placing your aquarium where it could receive direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will add fuel to the fire so to speak and direct sunlight will cause temperature fluctations as well.