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Now, of course, this could be done simply - that is, if you found the one in a million peice of driftwood that could be a stump with branches. In the original tank, I believe the root/stump was some sort of Mangrove. There were also higher "levels" on the stump which held plants that were land-lubbers and didn't need to touch the water to live, and it created shadowy areas under them. So, since this mythical peice of driftwood probably won't be found for a long while, what would be some other ways to achieve this? It was basically (I assume, I couldn't read it, since it was in Japanese) designed to mimick a tree growing right out of the water. Are there any other ways this could be done without putting plants on the rim of the aquarium?

Large Tree Root Stump Driftwood Aquarium Fish Tank / Tropical Ornament RO-2167

This video present aquarium ornament, made from resin. It a big tree stump with rocks. Under water it looks like natural one. It great aquarium decorations for bigger fish aquariums.

Resin Lifelike Deadwood Tree Stump Decor for Fish Tank Aquarium 7.1"

Sunken Tree Stump Aquarium Fish Tank Dragon Decoration Ornament #unbranded Assorted 2 Tree Stump Log Stool Status Aquarium Terrariums Miniature Garden Fairy Gardens Doll House Cake Topper Resin Decoration. Stunning for any diy projects. For instance, Micro Aquarium terrariums decorations, Fairy Gardens or Doll House furniture, Cup cake topper, Dessert decor etc. Perfect for wild forest or garden or village theme etc. Color is sent randomly if mentioned on title, measurement is approximate.

Resin Lifelike Deadwood Tree Stump Decor for Fish Tank Aquarium 7.1"

Universal Rocks carries a great selection of fake tree stumps, roots, branches, mangrove roots, cypress knees, making it fun and easy to customize your aquarium!

Tree Stump Aquarium Ornaments - Large is $40