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Aquariums for the home come in a huge range of sizes from tiny glass bowls to huge five hundred gallon tanks. You will want an aquarium that is the right size for your home and for your fish. The first thing to consider is the location you intend for the aquarium. Measure the area to ensure the aquarium you choose will fit.

One thing to consider is that a bigger aquarium requires less maintenance. Small aquariums are much harder to keep the water balance correct, are easy to overcrowd and rotting food or vegetation can have an immediate affect on the health of the fish. A good size for a beginner is between twenty and thirty gallons. Decide how many fish you wish to keep. Very roughly you can keep one inch of fish to every gallon of water, but remember this is a rough estimate and a lot will depend on the type of fish and how well maintained the aquarium is. Always understock a tank rather than overstock!

The best way to choose the size of the tank is to purchase the biggest tank within your budget that will fit comfortably in the location you have chosen.

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Q. What about how many fish per gallon rules such "one inch per gallon" or "one centimeter per two litres?"
For starters, the one inch per gallon rule (or 1cm per 2L) only works for tropical freshwater fish; cold and marine fish need more space. Also, tanks are often not filled to capacity; space at the top and displacement by decorations and gravel varies from tank to tank. Nor does it account for the shape of the tank (a consideration as non-standard shapes become popular) or the needs of specific fish species. However, for standard-shaped tropical freshwater aquariums, the one-inch-per-gallon rule gives a similar result as the surface area rule. Regardless of the rule, the adult fish size and body type still needs to be considered--not the juvenile sizes most commonly sold in fish stores.

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Tanks come in all shapes and sizes from the quarter-gallon acrylic desktop variety to the 75 gallon saltwater aquarium A fish tank of proper size is one of the very first requirements for setting up an aquarium correctly. Its importance is often overlooked. Undersized fish tanks can cause many problems including but not limited to: Unstable water perimeters; quicker build-up of harmful chemicals; lack of enough oxygen; hard to keep clean; and not enough swimming room for the fish. Most of these problems can lead to the death of fish.

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You will need some sort of stand on which to place your tank. Thestand can either be specially designed to hold your tank, or existingfurniture. The first thing to consider is whether your chosen standcan support the tank's weight. When full of water, tanks weigh aLOT (the water alone weighs roughly 10 lbs/gallon). ConsultXXX for detailed specs on common aquarium sizes.

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