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Going to the next one, VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control 165W LED Aquarium Light is well-known for its unique design when compared with the other models in the market these days. The colors of the light are organized based on the crisscross style, and we can see numerous colors including white, red, blue as well as yellow. This random arrangement can provide the best thing for the inhabitants of the tank.

Aquarium lighting can be a tricky business. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or this is your first tank—it can be a daunting task.

The type of aquarium light you need for your fish tank really depends on what you plan on keeping in your aquarium. This article is a very general introduction into aquarium lighting and below we discuss the various types of lighting needs based on aquarium type.

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Appropriate aquarium lighting that meets the requirements of your set-up will enhance the overall appearance and health of your fish tank. Lastly, choose which lighting arrangement suits you best. Vendors that sell aquariums usually offer two types of lighting arrangements. If you want to stay simple, the best one to choose is the glass cover that fits perfectly into the plastic trim at the top of your tank. This setup is great because it can hold either one or two fluorescent bulbs, depending on your needs.

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Of course there are other types of lighting you could consider. If you are looking for your live plants to grow quickly, then Metal Halide lights are probably your best choice. They also provide a pleasing lighting effect in the aquarium. But, unfortunately, there is a down side. They cost much more than their fluorescent counterparts and they produce a lot of heat, which could raise the temperature of the water. But, if you have a large tank with live plants, this would be a good choice.

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You may be surprised to know that a household aquarium's lighting is not purely decorative. The fluorescent lighting in a tank illuminates the aquarium for viewing purposes as well as helping to promote helpful algae blooms. Over time, the aquarium bulb may dim or need complete replacement. Changing this small track-style bulb is a simple task that all aquarium owners should learn. With appropriate instructions, anyone can change aquarium lighting.A quick and easy way to update an aquarium, the combines an LED light source with a sturdy plastic and glass hood that opens and closes for feeding, tank cleaning, and filter changes. The 60-watt bulbs last for a year or more. Since LED lights consume far less energy than their incandescent counterparts, the impact to monthly energy bills remains negligible whether the white light option runs during the day or the pleasing blue option illuminates the tank at night.Open the top of the tank to access the light bulb. Many light bulbs are affixed to the aquarium lid, while some are in separate housings. Remove the top and flip it over to expose the light bulb.Compact and easy to install, the 36-watt bulb set provides the highest light output available for standard, non-commercial tanks thanks to its straight pin design and clear housing. This bulb gives the appearance of pure sunlight rippling through the aquarium water rather than harsh, unnatural light produced by other lighting choices and works well to highlight reefs, saltwater tanks, and elaborate tank schemes with colorful tropical fish.