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Our 55-gal aquarium cover is made up of 2 hinged glass and plastic pieces, and the 2-piece cover can be used in conjunction with item #671246 Aquarium Tank, Glass, 55 gal. Each of the 2 aquarium cover pieces measures 23 x 11-1/4”.

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Glass or acrylic sheets placed over an aquarium are a simple solution to prevent fish from jumping out. They are also great at keeping insects or even house lizards from falling into the tank! Glass or acrylic aquarium covers, however, do present some major drawbacks.

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Aquarium Tank Cover The trend in reef aquarium design nowadays is towards more streamlined, cover-less aquariums. The top of the tank is left uncovered and the aquarium lighting is usually suspended by metal cables and hooks from the ceiling or from L-brackets drilled into the wall.

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How can you get rid of algae growth when it overtakes your freshwater tank, or at least control it before the fish start to suffer? That green gunky stuff covers aquarium decorations, climbs the glass of the tank, and sometimes even gets on the aquarium inhabitants themselves.

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Clip that secures a standard wire mesh cover (with metal frame) on a standard aquarium tank. Clips onto cover with no fasteners, then snaps over edge of frame on tank. Sketchup file included in case you want to tweak it.Gravel is available in almost any color you want. All fish have at least some control over their color, and will usually try to match their surroundings. Therefore, I go for darker colored gravels that make the fish's colors more intense. The same goes for the aquarium background - black paper works nicely. Artificially colored gravels are OK, but when they split open the true color inside shows through, giving a salt and pepper effect that you may or may not like. You should have enough gravel to cover the entire bottom of the tank to a depth of at least one inch.On another subject, I have had great success using small clay flowerpots in the aquarium. All my plants are potted in aquarium gravel with a pinch of potting soil mixed in at the bottom. That is surprisingly un-messy, although probably unnecessary. The pots vary in size (diameter) from 3 to 5 inches. There are many advantages to potting your plants like this. Recently, my tanks were broken down completely and moved, and the plants suffered not in the least for it. The roots invariably find the hole at the bottom and escape from the confines of the pot, but the plant remains self-contained and portable, and will recover quickly even if the outside roots are damaged. With enough gravel in the tank, you can bury most of the pots completely, otherwise, they don't look too bad with just the rims showing. I have found pots in a rainbow of colors: orange, brown, tan, red, green, blue, glazed and unglazed. The pots themselves become part of the decor.The Exo Terra Screen Cover is an easy-to-install cover for aquariums and glass tanks. The lockable sliding door allows partial opening of the enclosure, thereby reducing stress to the inhabitants and the risk of escape. The strong metal screen provides ventilation and allows necessary UV penetration while ensuring reptiles and even feeding insects are safely secured.