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The Premium Aquarium is your Oregon fish store aquarium supply destination. We specialize in invertebrates, corals, macro algae, fish, freshwater plants, all of your dry goods needs, and special requests! If you are in need of a few coral frags for your tank, want to add a few fish, or perhaps would like to pick up a clean up crew, The Premium Aquarium fish store is here to help! We have a great selection of fish, corals, inverts, and dry goods and the best pricing in the industry!

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But aquariums are only part of what we offer for your fish. At Big Al’s Pets, you’ll also find healthy fish food varieties, including several fish foods that can be ordered in bulk for maximum savings. We even carry a number of helpful health supplements and medications, making it easy for you to care for your fish at every stage of life. Meanwhile, you can learn more about your pets by browsing our helpful collection of fish books and reference guides. You’ll find these and other amazing fish products and aquarium supplies when you shop at Big Al’s Pets!

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This is very good info about where to find the best fish and aquarium suppliers in Detroit. In order to reduce stress to your tank inhabitants, it is necessary to maintain proper temperatures in your saltwater aquarium. Bulk Reef Supply carries quality heaters and controllers to help have a successful tank. Submersible, digital with remote probe or titatium, our line of Finnex, Hydor and JBJ heaters and controllers will surely meet your needs and standards.

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Conditions in aquarium water naturally change over time, so it becomes necessary to regularly test your tank water to make sure it is healthy and stable. Bulk Reef Supply sells a variety of test kits to best fit your needs - Elos, Red Sea, Salifert and Elos master test kits that include essential tests for your aquarium type: pH, hardness, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and oxygen — all necessary factors to that need to be maintained to ensure a healthy and thriving tank.

VASCA Aquarium Supply: Distributors of Quality Aquarium Products.

The Premium Aquarium is Salem and Wilsonville Oregon’s source for saltwater fish, freshwater fish, aquarium supplies and dry goods. We are affordable, knowledgeable and happy to serve. We specialize in invertebrates, corals, macro algae, fish, freshwater plants and all of your dry goods needs. We also offer tank maintenance and tank sitting services.If you're looking for a way to switch up your tired routine, Tempe, Arizona's Vasca Aquarium Supply is the place for you. This place is sure to be a fun experience for the whole family!Emergency responders teamed up with two local aquariums on Friday to rescue more than a hundred fish that were left to die at an aquarium supply store earlier this week.A visit to this venue is more like walking into an aquarium gallery than a store. Housed in a spacious showroom,this venue is the place to go if you are considering an aquarium extravaganza for your home or office. This full-service aquarium supplier, will come to your home or office to set-up and/or maintain your aquarium. Want to add a something special to a big event or gala? This company also offers a party rental service.