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A sump-pump aquarium sits outside the main aquarium and houses your pump and filter. This setup increases the tank's water capacity, which is especially advantageous for saltwater environments because saltwater is easier to maintain in larger tanks. A sump pump aquarium gives you a way to hide unsightly equipment, keeping the main tank tidy. Setting up a sump-pump aquarium in your home is easy.

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Traditionally, sump filters were used on saltwater tanks where good water quality is essential. Nowadays as tanks get bigger and people start keeping much larger fish, sumps are being used more and more on freshwater aquariums because of the superb efficient filtration they offer.

The advantages a sump provides to your reef aquarium are many

Trigger Systems specializes in making aquarium sumps, and it’s a US brand based in Dallas. A is basically a separate tank that’s still plumbed into your main aquarium. It’s placed below the aquarium, and here you can put in various types of equipment that can make your tank look cramped and ugly. You can put in your , your , and what not. You can use this to the top of your water level with an . With the extra water, it dilutes the effects of tank pollutants. And with water draining in your sump, you get fresh oxygen and releasing CO2.

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The refugium or sump needs to be big enough to accommodate the size of your aquarium and the amount of water it has. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that a sump should be at least ¼ or 1/3 the size of the actual aquarium. Moreover, you need to make sure that it is big enough to fit all of the components which you plant on putting in it.

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This is an accurate, albeit simplistic description of an aquarium sump. Tailoring the definition a bit to be more descriptive of our usage of the word in the hobby it would read: Increasing the total water volume in a saltwater aquarium is desirable because the more water within the system, the more stable the system becomes. Water temperature and chemistry will change more slowly in larger volumes of water, which makes it easier to keep the system within optimal parameters. For example, two gallons of evaporation from a 20-gallon aquarium would raise the specific gravity from 1.026 to 1.029, while that same two gallons evaporated from the same 20-gallon tank with a 10-gallon sump attached would only raise it to 1.028, resulting in a much more stable salinity for the aquarium's inhabitants. The obvious first question most beginners have is, "Why in the world would I want one of these? They add more complexity and possibilities for disaster, don't they?" Well, if installed correctly, the many benefits to installing a sump on your aquarium far outweigh any of the few downsides. Most aquariums are closed systems. In a closed system, there is noplace for water to leak out. , ,and are all closedsystems. Water is taken out of the fish tank through a tube, pumpedthrough the sterilizer or filter, and returned to a point inside thetank. This is called a closed system because there isn't any pointalong the water's path where it is not controlled andcontained. Closed systems do not need a sump.