Aquariums are a beautiful way to add to the décor of any living space

its a 29 gallon kit that comes with the glass aquarium, full hood with lights, a top fin 30 power filter (works great), an adjustable 100w heater, a thermometer, a net, and samples for fish food, water care, and bacteria starter.

30 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit

A 29-30 gallon aquarium kit or fish tank is a good choice for hobbyists who want to keep several schools of fish healthy in a community tank. As you know, a is the minimum size tank recommended by many successful hobbyists, a 29-30 gallon tank is even better for starter fish keepers. This size tank can provide an abundant house for many small tropical fish which usually love to live together in schools of more than five specimens. In this review, I will provide you some of the best 29-30 gallon fish tanks for sale that come in various shapes and dimensions for you to choose.

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Nuvo Fusion 30 Gallon Aquarium Starter Tank Kit, Nuvo Fusion 40 Gallon Aquarium Starter Tank Kit.

Top Fin® 29 Gallon Starter Kit - Aquariums - Fish - PetSmart

Jun 18, 2017 - 30 Gallon fish tanks are a great intermediate size