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Swim to your local pet store and you might spot a lot of aquarium stands to choose from. But try to find one that will fit a sump filtration system, even a 10 gallon one, and you are likely to come up dry. Go online, and you can find lots of DIY aquarium stands. But try to find a set of instructions that do not involve 2 by 4s, cinder blocks, railroad ties or other unsightly materials, and your choices are very limited. It stinks... like a dead fish!

So that's why my 14 year old son and I decided to swim someplace else and come up with a design of our own.

Since this design, we have built another one with an improved design that allows you to place it anywhere, cabinet lighting, a power cord manager, and other additional features. Here is a link to it:

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Usually a metal stand means that a very useful area is missing for the aquarist, and that is the under-tank cabinet. What a useful place this is for storing things such as test kits, food, a notebook and the like. Also a sump can usually be housed in this cabinet, meaning it is out of sight and no thought needs to be given to its decorative value, only to its effectiveness as a filter etc.

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Aquascaping Art: DIY Aquarium Stand Plans - Only do 1 level and make it fit around the dog crate - tads cage on top Our LifetimeĀ® aluminum framed stands and canopies are the most durable of any custom aquarium stand and canopy system available on the market today! They make a perfect fit for anyone who is looking for a reliable aquarium stand and canopy. The frames are made from anodized aluminum that will never rust, chip, or corrode. They are very light weight, yet they are engineered in a way that allows them to withstand extreme loads from even our largest tanks! These stands and canopies take only minutes to breakdown, resulting for easy transport, storage, and installation. The best part of it all, they are at a price that works for everyone! Don't mess around with heavy, expensive, easy to rust welded steel for your custom fish tanks.

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