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The trickle filter is usually composed of three separate units: the prefilter; trickle section; and sump. Aquarium surface water first flows into a skimmer box or sometimes called a prefilter unit that hangs on the upper back of the aquarium. The mechanically filtered water then flows via gravity into the top portion of the main trickle filter unit, usually located in a space under the aquarium. When there, it enters some sort of distribution system, most often a stationary sprinkler pipe and is distributed over the surface of a drilled plate. This 'drip' plate is usually covered with some sort of mechanical filter medium. Water drips through the plate and enters the below trickle section where it flows over and between packing media that fills most of this section. This section of the unit is usually referred to as the 'dry' portion of the equipment because the media is not submerged. The majority of the biological filtration and gas exchange in this type equipment occurs in this section. The trickling of water in this so-called 'dry' section provides oxygen to nitrifying bacteria living on the surface of its packing media. This results in an effluent that is high in dissolved oxygen and nitrate. When the water exits the bottom of the trickle/dry section it flows into a large open container-like unit referred to as the sump or 'wet' section. This portion of the equipment is usually large enough to hold other filtering aids and a pump to return the water to the aquarium. Lets now look at each portion of the equipment more closely.

These SeaClear 50 gallon acrylic aquariums offer something extra-- a Skimmer Box

The skimmer box/prefilter, sometimes called a siphon box, is where water from the aquarium starts its journey to the other components of this type equipment. Even though this box can be thought of as a prefilter, its real purpose is to transport surface water from inside the aquarium to the top of the trickle section usually located below the aquarium. These units are mainly designed as a siphon box that sits on the inside and outside top edge of the aquarium. It also functions as a surface skimmer and can serve as a prefilter.

135 Tall Acrylic Aquarium w/Built-in Skimmer Box, 72x18x24

May 14, 2017 - These SeaClear 50 gallon acrylic aquariums offer something extra-- a Skimmer Box Determine the depth at which the protein skimmer functions best, based on manufacturer recommendations. The sump box for your aquarium, whether it placed under your aquarium as a separate unit or as part of your filtration system, should hold the proper depth of water for the skimmer.

SeaClear's 135 Tall Acrylic Aquarium w/Built-in Skimmer Box, 72x18x24

In This Update I cover how the New CORAL BOX LED MOON is doing over the 20G Aquarium which is serving as a Frag Tank QT for Fish. Its More of a Observation Tank than QT.
I also got a new Protein Skimmer the AquaMaxx HOB skimmer. I got it from Marine Depot, So far I really Like it. It Pulls some mean fish Poop out of the tank. I was pretty impressed because as soon as I got it up and running it was already pulling skim mate.
Id like to try and hold off on getting another tank, but im really liking thos Innovative Marine Tanks. Just a matter of saving up for it, Id like a 30g Long. I like the All in one Tanks, I did think about drilling this 20G Long, But I really didnt want to run a sump on it.


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