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As far as size or gallons, a basic will work fine. However, keep in mind that smaller tanks, below 55 gallons, require more maintenance and care. Water quality changes can occur more rapidly and they can get dirty a lot faster, thus requiring more frequent cleaning and water changes. Another factor to consider is gallonitus. Gallonitus is our definition of a tank size disease that most aquarium owners get when they constantly find they want something bigger!

Below are a few of the most commonly found including aquarium size and tank dimensions (inches).

Jack Dempsey cichlids are carnivores, and they need a steady diet of meaty foods. These highly nutritious foods can quickly foul their water. The aquarium setup must include a good filtration system, suitable for the size of your aquarium.

Oscars: Aquarium Size and Filters

The American Gerbil Society offers these guidelines for the ratio of gerbils to aquarium size: Our most popular aquarium standard size and best value for your dollar. Custom material options also available even for our discounted specials. We also have pre-configured décor, filtration, and canopy/stand packages available at a discounted price. any type, special or standard will add to your lead time.

The effects of aquarium size and temperature on ..

All our standard and special aquarium sizes now have optimized engineering to determine the minimum thickness required for each individual panel of glass. What this means is instead of a one size fits all formula; we optimize every individual panel in the aquarium based on engineering standards. For example – if you go from a 24"T x 72"L x 24"D to a 24"T x 96"L x 24" D aquarium, just because you made it longer does not mean you need thicker side panels, just thicker front, back and bottom. Most other aquarium manufacturers automatically increase the thickness of every panel of the aquarium just because one panel needs to be thicker, or, they skimp on all panels because they don’t want to have to upgrade just some of them. Our professional engineers used advanced pressure rating formulas to optimize every individual aquarium standard size to have a minimum safety factor of 2.3 (standard in the industry as a minimum, ours are even stronger because of the aluminum frame system). Some of the below are as great as 3.5. Using this technique we are able to achieve the highest strength at the lowest cost – so don’t be surprised if our prices and weights are a lot better than other aquariums out there of the same size. Of course, these are minimum standards. You are always free to upgrade any panel for any reason for additional peace of mind; they just cannot be downgraded from the aquarium size configurations below.


Currently, we have Fahrenheit to Celsius, Gallons to Liters, Inches to Centimeters (useful for determining fish species sizes), UK Gallons to US Gallons, and also a calculator to determine the total volume of your aquarium. Please note that the total tank volume figure computed is a rough estimate and only takes into account your fish tank dimensions. It does not take into account ornaments, decorations, the substrate, live rock, etc. These items can have an effect on the total volume of water in your aquarium. This calculation is simply based on an empty tank with the given dimensions.We’ll also recommend a suitable filter for your tank size and let you know if your tank dimensions make it particularly important to add an air pump to your aquarium.