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Shrimp will do fine on basic fish food — pellet or flake. Feed only an amount that can be eaten in a few minutes. Shrimp will also find their own food when like Java moss and Java fern are growing in their aquarium. Many shrimpers advocate putting waterlogged dead oak leaves or other leaf varieties in the aquarium as a source of food for the shrimp. Make sure that the leaves have been soaked for several weeks before adding them to the aquarium to ensure that most of the tannins have leached out. The leaves slowly decay, and the shrimp seem to feed on both the leaves and the other organisms that break down the leaves.

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One thing all Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp Hobbyists should know is how to properly package inverts for shipment. Not only is it important for the survival of the inverts while in transit, but it is also important for their ability to acclimate and survive in their new home. A lot of stress from poor packaging can put inverts on a death timer. Just because they arrive alive in the packaging doesn’t mean that they will necessarily survive for another week in their new home. Some may think that their inverts died because their tank was toxic, but in fact it could simply be that they were already “prepped for death” before they even entered the tank. Inverts can take time to die.

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aquarium shrimp for sale online Archives | Page 2 of 3 | Flip Aquatics The cherry shrimp has become widely available in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. These shrimp can be purchased from online fish stores, at aquarium stores, and from private breeders—especially through local aquarium societies. There are also many similar species of different color and markings that require the same conditions, these include fire reds, snowballs, blue pearls, rili shrimp, yellow shrimp, and wild types. Breeding different variations is advised against as most young from such pairings revert to wild coloration.

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Copper is not the only thing that can harm shrimp. Many of the antiparasite products on the market will have devastating results on shrimp, so this is just another good reason to have a shrimp-only aquarium. If fish are to be kept with the shrimp, put the fish in a quarantine aquarium first for several weeks before introducing them to the display aquarium so that any disease that would require antiparasite medications can be dealt with there.

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