2. Purchase the following aquarium set-up components.

When it comes to fish and aquariums, one person’s ideal could very easily be another’s horror show. For example, across from my desk here, I have a 300-gallon heavily planted freshwater tank with a 125-gallon sump. For me, that is an ideal tank. Good friends were over last week, and the wife’s take on the tank is that it is frightening having that much water on the second floor of the house—and she is much happier with the 20-gallon setup we gave them a few years ago.

DIY Light Stand for a Metal Tube Aquarium Setup: Plastic Leg Tips to cover pipe ends

There are three common types of saltwater aquarium setups. The Fish Only, the Fish Only with Live Rock (FOWLR) and a reef tank. I really just consider two of those as viable setups. The fish only set up is really kind of difficult in terms of biological control of the filter and (in my opinion) makes it harder to keep a saltwater tank without live rock. Live rock is awesome and will become the primary biological filter in your tank. FOWLR tanks are the way to go for someone new to the saltwater side of the hobby. Reef tanks require a little more precision and can be much more expensive to set up and stock because they require more equipment and more expensive livestock usually.

A beautiful saltwater aquarium setup

There are some setup rules and guidelines necessary for angelfish tanks and aquariums.
For the experienced saltwater aquarium keepers, or those willing to put in the leg work (research) into learning how to successfully setup a reef tank. If keeping fancy corals, clams or other invertebrates is what you are interested in doing read the reef tank setup guide.

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Most people keep their pet turtles in aquariums but that doesn’t mean you have to. Anything that holds a lot of water will work. Large tubs, plastic pond liners, and anything you can think of. Aquariums are the most popular because you can watch your pet turtles through the tank inside your house and they are easy to buy and setup.

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Whether your planning on starting a freshwater fish tank, a saltwater aquarium or even a reef tank we have the aquarium setup guides to get you started. These are basic guides by design. They are not extremely detailed and we try to keep them easy to understand so that even a fishkeeping novice can get up to speed quickly. After reading these aquarium setup articles you should come away with a better understanding of what all is involved with running your own setup.30 gallon aquarium setup for two fancy goldfish - Black Moor and Red Cap Oranda. Real rocks from a stream, and live plants. Natural, peaceful, zen.If you still have questions after reading the aquarium setup guides float on over to the forum where there are lots of fish keepers that will help you out.Aquarium setups come in all shapes and sizes and levels of complexity. Some use only the most basic of equipment while others end up looking like a scale model of an oil refinery. Likewise, some people strive to keep bizarre or unique creatures often requiring precise or unusual conditions while others are happy with a few goldfish. The point is there is no one right way to set up an aquarium. Meeting the needs of the desired inhabitants comes first of course, but personal preference plays a big role as well. As such, keep in mind that the goal here is to teach you the essential components and principles of aquarium setup and how they apply to your desired tank.