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That icky stuff growing on your decorative aquarium rocks detracts from your underwater interior design. Algae is easy to clean off; correcting the factors that promoted the growth in the first place is more important and requires a bit more effort, but it prevents algae from just coming right back.

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Aquarium Rocks can greatly enhance the look and feel of your aquatic environment, adding visual interest, verticality and depth to your aquarium tank. Pre-made faux rock formations offer the intricate, beautiful design of authentic oceanic rock structures, without the weight of real rocks. These sorts of structures also provide your aquarium fish with excellent hiding places to satisfy their need for a feeling of safety and security.

While most aquarium rocks are purely decorative, live rocks provide additional benefits beyond just looking good. These specialized rock substitutes are infused with live cultures of beneficial bacteria that help to support the healthy balance of your aquarium water. These bacteria help process waste and maintain water clarity, with zero effort from you! In addition, these bacteria coat live rocks with rich, unique colors that will only further help enhance the visual beauty of your aquarium.

Pet Mountain's Aquarium Rock store features quality aquatic rock decorations from the industry's most trusted suppliers, including Aquatic Creations, North American Pet Products, Blue Ribbon Pet Products, and CaribSea. The is a large aquarium décor piece that delivers visual weight without the weight of real rock. This resin rock decoration boasts exceptional attention to detail with realistic textures. is a large aquarium rock garden accessory to liven up the luscious decor of your tank. This Bulk Lace Rock provides a mellow gray color that won't overpower your aquarium. The uses an aragonite-based live rock substitute infused with live bacteria to help maintain the overall health of your aquatic environment. Each rock replicates the colorful look of coralline-laden live rocks found in established aquariums.

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15kg Lava Rock Natural Aquarium Decoration Tropical Aquascaping Malawi Iwagumi | eBay Decorations can transform an aquarium from a plain box of water into a living piece of the ocean. When fish have a beautiful environment that looks and feels natural, they are more likely to display better finnage and engage in more energetic courtship rituals. They will move around more, and they will take more of an interest in their environment. Aquarium owners will need to decide whether they want to add live plants or plastic plants to their aquariums. They can select from hundreds of different types of ocean-style objects such as miniature shipwrecks, skulls, and treasure chests. They may also opt for various styles of driftwood. Fish enjoy swimming in and out of these objects, as well as hiding inside them. Other colorful objects such as rocks, glass, colorful pebbles, seashells, or barnacles add visual interest and provide objects for fish to swim around and over. With the wide variety of aquarium supplies that are available on the market, owners will surely find some unique ways to tastefully decorate their aquariums at home or at work.

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A natural looking aquarium decoration that combines a poly-resin rock with realistic looking mushrooms. Adds character to any aquarium. Provides a hiding spot for your fish to relieve stress.

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