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Despite this, it is widely available in the aquarium trade, and is bred commercially in large numbers. For anyone who has ever owned a red tail shark, it obvious why this fish has remained so popular over the decades.

One of the first sharks I ever acquired for my home aquariums was the red tail shark

With its brilliant red tail and jet black body, a red tail shark makes an impressive center piece fish for larger aquariums. It is normally a very active fish, and is constantly on patrol in its aquarium. Other times it comically tries to hide by cramming itself into tiny spaces, oblivious to the fact that its bright red tail is sticking out.

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I am considering adding a red tailed black or an albino red tail shark to my aquarium
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The Redtail Shark, is a great fit for a semi-aggressive aquarium. These Red Tail Sharks are gorgeous with their jet black body and red tails.

Redtail Shark Feeding Recommendation:

Flake food, freeze-dried bloodworms and tubifex, as well as vegetable-based foods.

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This is my son's Redtail Shark in his 10 gal. freshwater aquarium. There are actually no freshwater sharks, but some catfish variants are called 'sharks' (ie. Bala, Rainbow, Redtail). The Redtail is among the smaller of the freshwater aquarium sharks (will grow to about 6"). He is a baby now (about 2"), I have a 55 gal tank I can move him to when he gets bigger, but for now he seems happy in this tank (the other fish is a Lyre-tail Guppy - they seem to be very amicable tank mates).

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It requires a large aquarium with driftwood, rocks, and spots of dense vegetation. This shark may set up territories around the aquarium. The Redtail Shark will become very aggressive towards its own species when mature.Breeding aquarium fish can be a joy and a challenge for aqua hobbyists. Some species like guppies and swordtails breed easily and frequently in the home aquarium, while other species are rarely known to breed in captivity. Some species of freshwater fish, like the red-tailed shark, are difficult to breed in captivity but it can be done with the right equipment and preparation. Before you attempt to breed your red-tailed sharks, make sure you have the proper knowledge and equipment to do so.One morning I woke up and found my red tailed shark in the filter. I just put him back in the aquarium, I had to put something to keep him from going there, they are very good jumpers.I recently moved my Red Tail shark to a different aquarium in my bedroom. When I woke up this morning, no shark. He was a jumper. Jumped out last night and we didn't find him in time. RIP 07/13/07