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On Feb. 5, some 2000 people will ascend on Raleigh for a two night show at Lincoln Theatre. They’ll don an array of shirts and hats from their favorite bands, but it’s not Hopscotch. It’s not the international bluegrass festival. Instead, it’s the second annual Road Trip to Raleigh put on by local Americana band, American Aquarium.

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We've been a band for almost a decade now and we all had the realization that if we truly wanted to play music for the rest of our life, we had to slow down. We take our career a lot more seriously these days. It’s not a hobby anymore. Once people started realizing how serious we were about pumping the brakes, they started taking more chances on us in family-friendly social environments. 2008 American Aquarium would never be asked to play a holiday event for the city of Raleigh or play City Plaza. Thankfully, we aren't that band anymore.

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Director of DevelopmentNorth Carolina Aquarium Society3125 Poplarwood Court, Suite 160Raleigh, NC 27604 Just yesterday, , two of the capital city’s most exciting upstarts, will play First Night Raleigh’s inaugural “indie rock venue.” (Pardon the name or the ) And today, Winterfest has announced that American Aquarium will headline its big shindig on December 5.

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