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The external canister filter earns appreciation for its compact design, silent operation, and ease of use. Well suited for both fresh and saltwater aquariums, this unit features an innovative, multifunction handle that locks for safe carrying, self-primes for immediate water flow, and releases quickly to open for easy access to quick-clean media baskets. Filters are also available in three different sizes for aquariums up to 80 gallons.

• The Hydro Pond #3 or #4 makes an excellent pre-filter (or even primary filter) for Sumps in Large aquariums!

An important aspect of filter redundancy is back up bio filtration, which is also useful for “seeding” new aquariums or quarantine/hospital aquariums, added mechanical filtration, added water movement, and preventing filter emergencies (especially while you are sleeping, out of town, at work, etc.), since your second filter takes care of filtration until you can fix or replace the failed filter.
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My aquariums are heavily planted, so these prefilters clog after about a week and need to be cleaned under tap water, which takes a few minutes. For Hydro Pond Filters, follow this link
Hydro Pond Filters are essentially extra large Filter Max Pre-Filters
Excellent for use in High Flow Aquarium Sumps, Central Systems or similar.

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Occasionally, even with all the variations available with the three adapters plus the elbows provided with the Filter Max Pre-Filter, the filter does not fit as snugly as desired.
The above picture displays a SunSun HBL-501 Hang On Aquarium Filter where some Teflon Tape was added to make the fit more "snug".

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Biological Filtration
This type of filtration is by far the most important for keeping fish in an aquarium. From the moment fish are introduced into the aquarium, they begin releasing ammonia, their principle waste by product. If allowed to build, this ammonia can kill fish by burning the gill tissues and preventing them from taking in oxygen. Beneficial bacteria help us filter the water through a biological oxidation process. Essentially, waste laden water passes over bacteria, which consume the waste and convert it into less toxic compounds. This process is called the “Nitrogen Cycle” and it is a LIVE filter. The Black Beauty fish tank prefilter gets hooked on before the Red Torpedo canister aquarium filter and accumulates all the nasty sludge, excess food and fish waste making this aquarium canister pre filter a must have for all aquarium keepers.Power Filters
Power and canister filters push or pull water through a set of media in a container with a motorized pump. Water is pulled into the unit through an uptake tube and passes through various media before being expelled to the aquarium again. Hang on the back power filters are small and inexpensive. Canister filters are sealed, pressurized and reside beneath the aquarium, inside the aquarium stand. Additionally, the powerful water movement allows these filters to be used on large tanks. With quick disconnecting hoses, it is easy to perform maintenance by taking the filter to the sink, so that water is not spilled. By using the Black Beauty fish tank pre filter you will be keeping your aquarium dazzling while ingeniously extending the life of your aquarium filter media.