You don't need dirt to grow plants in your aquarium

How do you achieve some sort of uniformity in sizing ofsubstrate particulates? Either through buying it pre-graded or doing ityourself. You can buy or make two sieve-meshed screens that will removethe bigger/smaller pieces; and while you're at it let's mention. Concurrent with grading you may washthe new substrate, or utilize my favorite method, a batch (about ten pounds) at a time in anaquarium-dedicated plastic bucket with a garden hose, pouring it outand re-rinsing till clear. Wash all substrates, new or used beforeplacing them in your system.

What kind of plants are they? It may be that what you have can and will grow just fine unpotted in standard aquarium gravel. do you have the names?

Vermiculate is rich in minerals such as aluminum, magnesium, and iron. It has a compact structure, thus is recommended to mix with gravel or laterite. Usually vermiculate is used as a lower layer in a planted aquarium.

Just need proper fertilizers and lighting

What is a good aquarium plant that I can plant in my gravel and use a liquid fertilizer has an extensive usage in planted aquariums, yet is not suitable for delicate roots. The substrate is porous clay gravel, light and loose,which differs from common gravel. Although Fluorite is more expensive than gravel and sand, the substrate contains high amounts of iron. It is possible to use Fluorite for a long time without needing to change it. A mixture of gravel, sand, and fluorite can be used in a planted aquarium though it is recommended to rinse fluorite substrate before using.

For example, for rooted plants you need root tabs

To be successful in growing aquarium plants, a hobbyist must first reference the water quality for the type of plants desired and adjust water hardness and pH accordingly. There are several ways this can be done. One method is to use R.O. (reverse osmosis) or D.I. (deionized water). Like rainwater, R.O. and D.I. Water do not contain hard minerals, thus softening aquarium water. Another technique is to filter the aquarium water through a peat moss, as this will lower the pH of the water. The peat moss can also be placed in a power filter or under the gravel if using an under gravel filter.

Best plants for low light / gravel tanks