DIY CO2 Reactor for a Planted Aquarium: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Based on my many years of experience and 1000s of aquarium set up and kept for clients, you can have an aquarium that produces enough CO2 via "low tech" methods such as employing filters that do not wear off CO2 (such as the Fluidized Sand Bed) along with use of foods and simple supplements that easily can be qualified as low tech, HOWEVER this still does not mean you can get by with a 15 watt T8 cool white fluorescent lamp on a 20 gallon aquarium for a high light plants.

Hi! I just want to ask if there are any aquarium plants that do not need Co2?

CO2 in the planted aquarium can be great for aquarium plant growth. Running CO2 is not for the casual fish tank hobbyist however, because mistakes can kill all of the fish in your tank!


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High Tech CO2 Aquarium Plant: Glosso Glossostigma Species Sunday

How to do CO2 for your planted tank. Planted tank CO2, Sloppy quick version.

How your aquarium plants should look. Pearling in the planted tank.

CO2 in the Planted Tank


Carbon Dioxide in a planted tank. Steve explains how best to put CO2 in your planted tank. When he called, I had to bust over there and get a video...I am curious to see how long it takes to get this tank back around with CO2... TGIF Folks!
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The Importance of CO2 in the Planted Aquarium - Aquascaping Love

This MA957 regulator combined with the Aquarium Plants CO2 tank work well together. The Aquarium Plants' Electronic CO2 Regulator does all of this, and more. Instead of seeing the flow of bubbles rising a in small vial of fluid, a red LED flashes on and off representing each bubble. When the power goes out, the unit shuts off and the LED ceases to blink. The biggest selling point to me, other than their boast that it is "the most precise CO2 regulator in the world," is that it comes with a three year warranty. Had I purchased one six years ago, I'd be on my second one now. The fact that is has such a long warranty period tells me that it is a quality product and that the company is willing to stand behind it for more than 1000 days. Over 26,000 hours of continuous reliable CO2 control.

Aquarium Plants and Carbon (CO2 / HCO3-) Utilization - YouTube

Both the buyer's budget and the size of the are important factors for picking the right system. The density of plants in the aquarium also plays a crucial role in selecting a system. Smaller tanks with less that 40 gallons of water may need a semi-automatic system if the tank contains a lot of plants due to the increased CO2 demand.

CO2 for Aquarium Plants? - Home Brew Forums