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The Amazon sword makes an excellent center-piece plant in aquariums, and is best suited for larger aquariums (29 gallons+). If it is well cared for and provided with adequate space, it can grow leave blades up to 24 inches (60cm) long. In a smaller aquarium, these huge leave blades will completely overgrow the tank, and will leave little room for the fish.

2) And the improved health of an aquarium that the live plants provide with proper care.

Find fish tank and aquarium plants for sale at Petco and craft a beautiful underwater paradise for your fish and other aquatic pets. Whether your finned friend is big or small, every under water pet requires the shelter and hideaway fish tank plants can provide. In addition to providing them with privacy, fish tank plants can also create an effective cover from more aggressive aquarium roommates. Aquarium plants for sale at Petco can also help you cover up unsightly in-tank filters, cables and filters. Although you may be tempted to purchase live fish tank plants for their ecological and biological benefits, you should first consider if your budget can accommodate the additional products needed and how much time you can dedicate to the additional care required. Just like the other living things in your tank, live aquarium plants will require the nutrients and special lighting for sale in store and online at Petco. By taking proper care and monitoring the health of your live aquarium plants, you can count on a self-replenishing food and oxygen source for your fish as well as a natural filter and algae repellent.

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If you’re ready to add plants to your freshwater aquarium, follow these tips for providing the right kind of care. Every hobbyist desires a healthy, vibrant, and great looking aquarium. You infuse quite a lot of bucks on the Aquarium Accessories, such as, beautiful Gravels, Stones, and Wood Decors to name some. However, none of these can replace the importance of natural Aquatic Plants. It is these plants, which not only enhance the beauty of the tank, but also give the required natural feel to it. In addition, they perform a number of other vital functions inside the tank, such as, the oxygenation of water, balancing the water chemistry, and serving as an additional site for the favorable bacteria to grow. As these plants are live and perform multiple tasks, their care and maintenance is of paramount importance. The discussion below touches briefly some areas pertaining to Aquarium Plants Care.

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These are far and away the most common type of aquarium fertilisers used in the hobby today. There are many different products available on the market and care should be taken to find a high quality product. Usually, liquid fertilisers should be used weekly, though do check the individual manufacturer’s instructions as this can vary. Whilst they are ideal for plant species which absorb nutrient directly through their foliage such as Egeria densa and java moss, they do not provide sufficient nutrition to species such as Amazon swords so the aquarist may need to use a combination of tablet and liquid fertilisers to feed all of their plants.

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