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Jungle Val is another hard to kill plant. It isn't as hardy as amazon swords because it has naturally smaller stems and roots, but it is still a hard to kill aquarium plant. Jungle Val grows runners faster then any plant I know. I have seen it shoot runners all over a tank to get more light. I have kept Jungle Val in just sand with hardly any light on it. I've also changes its water chemistry from super cold to hot and all it did was melt and grow back stronger.

I've kept Amazon swords for as long as I have had a planted aquarium,and throughout all of the trials and tribulations I have never lost one.

Lighting: Moderate to HighGood Micro Sword care requires rich, fertilized plant substrate as opposed to regular aquarium gravel. In low-tech tanks, growth rate will be slow, if at all. But in high-tech tanks with CO2 and strong lighting, a Micro Sword Plant can grow much faster. In the right tank, a Micro Sword Plant can grow to resemble a green grass carpet with leaves from about 2 inches long to about 5 inches.Healthy Micro Sword Plant roots are white, very fine and delicate. So be very careful not to damage or tear the roots when removing the plant from the pot or separating the plant into smaller clumps.Micro Sword Plant roots are not strong and durable like roots, especially when they are young. So its a challenge to plant properly. When planting a Micro Sword Plant, its tempting to adhere to the old adage “there’s safety in numbers” and plant the blades all in one clump. But this may prevent the plant from being able to grow out. The better approach is to gently separate the plant into smaller clumps and plant each clump about an inch or so apart in the substrate, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch down. Because the plants are light and have fine, shallow roots, they may come out of the substrate and float around. If this happens, plant them again. Hopefully patience pays off and the clumps will take root and stay put. Once the plant roots establish themselves and the plant begins to reproduce, the roots will take hold like a net or web securing the plant to the top of the substrate.

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When you have the proper aquarium, you can give it an Amazon theme. You can use plants, driftwoods, stones, specific gravel, and specific fish. What substrate is best for your aquarium is always the subject of much debate amongst aquarists. Large gravel is not suitable for Corydoras catfish for example as the sharp edges can damage their delicate barbels, so many Corydoras keepers look to use fine sand in order to prevent this. Therefore the aquarist needs to think about what fish species as well as what plants they want to keep before deciding on a substrate.

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These are far and away the most common type of aquarium fertilisers used in the hobby today. There are many different products available on the market and care should be taken to find a high quality product. Usually, liquid fertilisers should be used weekly, though do check the individual manufacturer’s instructions as this can vary. Whilst they are ideal for plant species which absorb nutrient directly through their foliage such as Egeria densa and java moss, they do not provide sufficient nutrition to species such as Amazon swords so the aquarist may need to use a combination of tablet and liquid fertilisers to feed all of their plants.

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