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Aquarium plants are lighter than water, so they'll rise to the surface as soon as you put them into the tank. Trying to weigh the roots down with substrate will frustrate you. You need an anchor that won't pollute the water. River rocks and fishing line will do it.

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…leaves add realistic and natural appearance within your aquarium. Azoo Real Plant artificial Lobelia cardinalis has a weighted resin-rock base for drift-free placement. Use this artificial Lobelia cardinalis plant to beautify your aquarium or to provide the perfect environment for fish to hide…

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Use our Plant Weights for Submerged Pond Plants or Aquarium Plants to keep them submerged. …replica enhances aquarium ambiance while providing cover and hiding spots for aquarium inhabitants. Enjoy a great new way to add colorful plants to your setup without added hassle or maintenance of live aquatic plants. Both 8" and 15" styles are fixed to a weighted faux pebble base for…

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* Fanciful Ludwigia adds spritely mix of bold color to aquarium décor * Enjoy brilliant, long-lasting color not found in live aquarium plants * Artificial plants with weighted bases for easy aquarium placement Beautiful reds, yellows and greens highlight the tips of these plastic Ludwigia…

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These innovative weights are designed to be completely safe for aquarium plants and the water environment. Weights are constructed as Bolos. Enamel coated weights are on each end of a soft flexible silicone filament. The soft filaments wrap easily through the plants stem bases or around the root bundles. Filaments gently expand as the plant grows. Common lead strip weights can damage a plant during the process of wrapping and then "gird" the plant when the plant begins to grow and expand against the lead strip. are great if you're serious about your plants. I'm not pretending to be a scientist, but I have found this topic on search engines with similar responses, that there is no observable toxic effects to fish. But if the above numbers are correct, that lead-free water gets to 23ppb after sitting in lead pipes for 10 hours, with a PH of 8.6, then I believe the lead plant weights could cause toxic levels of lead in aquarium water.Does anyone know of any negative consequences of using lead plant weights in planted aquaria? I use them to hold down cuttings from my stem plants but am worried about the effect they may have on plants and fish. Is there an alternative?They always seem to come up when I put them in the gravel. I have to weight them down and they still come up. The only one that has grown roots so far is the Ludwigia peruensis. The Wisteria has not come up yet so It might have rooted. The LUDWIGIA PERUENSIS sheds a couple of leafs every day that get stuck to the filter intake pipe. The plant that I am having problems with right now is the LLOYDELIA GREEN. I had some ANACHARIS but I could not get them to stay on the floor of the aquarium. I hated to throw them away especially since they were growing, but they kept getting stuck to the filter. Any ideas as to what I can do?