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You can’t add one or two plants to your freshwater aquarium and expect it to be an adequate replacement for your filter. If you have a large tank or a large number of tank inhabitants, the ability of those few plants to filter out toxins and to produce oxygen will probably not be enough to keep up with the biological load of your tank. If, on the other hand, you have a moderately sized tank filled with a large number of live plants and you only have a few fish, those plants might be able to keep up with the production of waste and carbon dioxide your fish are responsible for.

However, it still has its uses in aquariums that aren’t planted. It’s out of the way, and provides ‘invisible’ cleaning throughout the tank.

Here are some of the plant types often available in stores. Some plant types are suitable for beginners with low light, low tech tanks and some are not. Some are true aquatic aquarium plants and some are not. Again, its a good idea to check with the store clerk before buying.

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An Aquarium Banana Plant seems to do well in the same  one would have for a freshwater community tank, or slightly broader. It’s a well-accepted notion that keeping live aquarium plants adds beauty to a tank. Aesthetics aside, there are other good reasons for keeping aquarium plants. Live aquarium plants help tanks stay healthy and provide small and with places to explore or hide. Live aquarium plants also provide edible matter for species that feed on leafy diets. often feed on decaying plant matter, and in some cases, they eat the live plants themselves.

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Hi, I have a 36 Gal tank and don’t want to put any soil or substrate. I have both gravel and sand because of my Clown Loaches I purchased 3 moss balls which sit on the bottom and occasionally get rolled around and have some Anubis (4 small plants) floating at the top of some fake plants. My aquarium stays cloudy and I’m wondering if I need more plants? Thank you

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Cuba is one of the smallest aquarium plants in the world. Its grows over the bottom of the tank with tiny round leaves, and—like most carpeting plants—it spreads rapidly when separated and planted in clumps with a grid-like pattern.To get to 3 WPG in that tank you would need to at least double the amount of wattage input to get around the 3 WPG in that tank. If you used 40 watt NO Flourescents it would take 4 bulbs to get you to 160 watts which is more then sufficient. Since available space over a tank is always a concern with lighting , you need to get more watts in the same space. There are a few ways to do this and the most common way is via "". They are available in many sizes and can be used in combination with each other to get the amount of watts needed to grow your planted aquarium.Here is where the success or the failure of your planted tank can happen. The Aquarium Lighting supplied to you when you first purchase your tank is only intended for viewing your tank , the lighting is very much under powered to successfully grow a majority of plants in.I was a planted tank newbie not too long ago and I spent many months scouring internet forums, books and other resources to make sense of it all. I wrote this article to collect my thoughts and everything that I had learned and also to help other people like me...those who were just beginning to dabble in the fascinating world of planted aquariums. This article should give you all the information you need to understand the science of planted tanks and to allow you to start setting up your own low tech planted tank while keeping algae at bay. The article has grown significantly in size so I have added a table of contents for your benefit.