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The next difficulty that people with smaller aquariums may run into is the size of the plant. Not only do they grow faster than any weed you're familiar with, they get huge. In less than three weeks from planting the bulb, you can expect it to have leaves larger than your hand. It will produce many of these leaves very quickly. The growth rate will then explode as floating leaves (pads) reach the surface.

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If it's between those or some $50000 aquarium store bulbs, do the no-name ones. I think T12 NO gives you pretty consistent results, and the more I read, the less convinced I am that plants are terribly picky about Kelvin ratings.

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85%OFF Dwarf Lily Bulb Live Freshwater Aquarium Plant
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Well when I buy "grow" bulbs the light is decidedly purple or pinkish purple. The plant and aquarium bulbs that I've been able to find look more like a cool white light to the naked eye than the grow bulb. You could use the p&a bulb as regular room lighting and no one would know. I've also seen wide spectrum grow bulbs that look mostly purple, almost like a toned down black light. You get used to the color but it's obviously different unlike the p&a bulbs.

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