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Instead of throwing away old aquarium decorations, give them a paint job to spruce up the aesthetics of your tank. It is important to select nontoxic paints that are safe for aquarium use, as some paints can harm your fish and the other inhabitants of your tank. By harnessing your creativity, you can create a one-of-a-kind tank that will become the focal point of the room.

I wanted to know what type of paint is aquarium safe? I have read that Krylon Fusion is aquarium safe but I just want to make sure.

Hi Levi, Legos would be a good choice! I would look for ones without any decals but plain plastic solid-colored blocks work great. You may need to experiment with weighting them down but they are safe for use in the aquarium. Bigger building blocks would work too. You can also try stacking unpainted terracotta pots to form pyramids or gluing together PVC of various sizes (although those “ornaments” are a little more permanent once attached together).

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If I were to paint acrylic and cover the entire thing with an aquarium safe sealant, would it be safe? Hi Dee, We discuss some different types of paint in the third part of this blog series, . Acrylic is not generally safe for underwater use. Some aquarists have had success with it but it is a water-soluble paint when uncured and doesn’t tend to hold up well when constantly submerged. Enamel is a safer option but it depends on the material it is being used on. I had issues in the past when using clear enamel nail polish on a rubber hockey puck, for example, because the enamel couldn’t adhere to the rubber properly. If the ornament you are using is an aquarium ornament, it should be fine without being coated; most aquarium ornaments are made from polyresin.

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I just purchased a beautiful decoration for my aquarium made with resin, but I’m concerned because it has blue writing on it, which I’m assuming has been painted on. I have some clear Acrylic paint here (Kryon) that was used for something else. Is the acrylic spray paint safe to spray on this ornament and put in the tank? Or should I use enamel? I used enamel on a few more decorations that weren’t made for aquariums, but after a few months of washing the ornaments during tank cleaning, the enamel started coming off. I didn’t see any floating in the tank, but it was peeling off when I was cleaning the ornaments. So can I use acrylic instead? I’m assuming acrylic is safe for aquariums, since my tank is an acrylic tank and the fish are fine.

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Also as Deeda mentioned none of these products are guaranteed safe for your aquarium. Any plastic spray paint should work whether krylon fusion or rustoleum as long as it is made to adhere to plastic.Use small art brushes to apply the paint to the decorative objects. Apply two thin coats, rather than one thick coat, to facilitate the drying process and ensure full coverage. Allow the first coat of paint to dry before adding the second coat. Once the second coat of paint has dried thoroughly, apply a thin coat of aquarium-safe, clear sealant to protect the paint. Allow the first coat of sealant to dry and then apply a second coat.Many aquarists use two-part epoxy or latex-based acrylic paints for their aquarium decorations, but it is imperative that you make sure any paints used are aquarium safe. Formulas differ from one manufacturer to the next, as well as among the products offered by a given manufacturer. Check the product label to see if the product is fish-safe and durable when submerged. Avoid any paints or sealers that have mildew-fighting components, as these chemicals may harm your fish. If you have any doubt about a paint, contact the manufacturer or consult with your veterinarian.Does anybody know of any safe aquarium paint? I read that any acrylic paint works but I want to know 100% before doing it. Any ideas or anybody with experience that could let me know would be great!!