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DIY expert Orly Shani shows how to make wonderful addition to any baby nursery. Inspired by the Disney hit “Finding Nemo,” Orly shows how to make a fun aquarium nightlight. The nightlight can be customized to fit any theme and the entire DIY will cost you only $50.
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Sorry, you missed Friday Night Lights at the ... at Aquarium of Niagara.

i've always had the hood kind of lights you get with so we always turned them off before we went to this is my first new different light...and the new tank i want and plant on getting the light is timed and runs all day and just goes into different bottom dwellers are out all the time..which kinda surprised me.. , they would be fine with a 24 hour light source as long as it's designed for that...but they still appreciate the dark. Fish are instinctively most comfortable in their natural conditions, and there is not always bright moonlight every night in the wild. For example, anytime I add a new fish to my aquarium, I leave the light off for 24 hours so they can settle in less stressfully. I've had much more success with them acclimating faster since I've been doing that.

Should You Cut the Light Off at Night in Aquariums? - Pets

Sorry, you missed Friday Night Lights at the ... at Aquarium of Niagara. Friday Night Lights are set for the fourth Friday of June July and August.
June 23, July 28 and Aug 25th. From 6-10pm

Each night is free with Aquarium Admission.
Obviously aquarium is open. Out on our upstairs terrace there will be live music.
There will be food available from one food provider each evening.
Wine on Third, The Culinary Institute and The Rainforest Café.
Food , wine and beer is available at an additional charge. But most food items are $5-$7
There will be additional activities as well

The night ends with the Fireworks from Niagara Falls though we have the very best viewing vantage point on our terrace.

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Lights up the colorful background and looks like real fish swimming around in the ocean. This makes a great night light. By looking at fish swimming across the lighted-up colorful background, you feel like being in an aquarium.

A wonderful modern decoration for home and office.
A great gift item for children who love Nemo!

This motion lamp has the following features:
- Great for decoration
- Can be used as a hall entrance night light
- AC Operated with ON/OFF Switch (No Batteries Needed)
- Size: 12.5" x 4" x 9"
- Brand New In Box
- Double sided: you can see the moving pictures from both sides of the lamp

Aquarium Night Lighting - YouTube

If you only experience your aquarium when the light are on, you are missing half of the experience.

Looking at a dark aquarium is no fun; however, plant and algae growth require that you restrict lighting and frankly fish do need to sleep. Night lighting is a fabulous way to add enjoyment to your tank when the lights have to go off.

Various colors of night lights can produce some cool effects. I use one blue light to emulate "moonlight", a green light to shine up through my sword plant, and a white light inside this little cottage we have as a place for the fish to chill (I'll sometimes catch all four goldfish in there taking a nap). The combination of lights can create really cool enjoyment of you fish tank at night without affedting plant growth or interrupting you fish from getting the down time they need.

Unfotunately, I can't get they exposure right for these dark shots; the real thing is much more intersting, but this video will give you an idea of it.Some people use automatic aquarium dimmers to recreate the effect of sunrise and sunset. These dimmers calm your fish by bringing up or lowering the light over a period of a quarter hour or so after which you can set the lights to your desired brightness. These light timers are probably the most effective and easiest manner of replicating your fish's night and day cycle. If you don't want to go this route, you can use alarms to remind you each day as to when to turn the lights on or off. Also, a cheap appliance timer may do the trick if your bulbs don't eat up too much power. Use it to turn your lights on and off every day at the same time and set it up for an 8 hour cycle.