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DIY expert Orly Shani shows how to make wonderful addition to any baby nursery. Inspired by the Disney hit “Finding Nemo,” Orly shows how to make a fun aquarium nightlight. The nightlight can be customized to fit any theme and the entire DIY will cost you only $50.
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Rotating Motion Moving Tropical Fish Aquarium Night Light Lamp Ocean 5"Tall 5"W

i've always had the hood kind of lights you get with so we always turned them off before we went to this is my first new different light...and the new tank i want and plant on getting the light is timed and runs all day and just goes into different bottom dwellers are out all the time..which kinda surprised me.. , they would be fine with a 24 hour light source as long as it's designed for that...but they still appreciate the dark. Fish are instinctively most comfortable in their natural conditions, and there is not always bright moonlight every night in the wild. For example, anytime I add a new fish to my aquarium, I leave the light off for 24 hours so they can settle in less stressfully. I've had much more success with them acclimating faster since I've been doing that.

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The aquarium sensor transmits wirelessly (433 MHz) to the night light inside your home or business. They do not close their eyes, but they do fall asleep, and you can, in fact, sneak up on them and “catch them napping.” Keeping aquarium lights on all night masks the photo cue they need to properly run their internal biological clocks, including a regular sleep/wake cycle. This may induce some degree of low grade, but chronic, environmental stress that could result in disease and significantly decreased life-spans.

10213 - LED Color Changing Aquarium, Night Light

I have a 20-gallon aquarium in my bedroom in which I keep two fantails. The aquarium light is a pair of 10-watt fluorescent tubes that I keep on all night as a night-light. Is there anything wrong with this? One of my friends said that it is harmful to my goldfish because it does not let them sleep.

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Lights up the colorful background and looks like real fish swimming around in the ocean. This makes a great night light. By looking at fish swimming across the lighted-up colorful background, you feel like being in an aquarium.

A wonderful modern decoration for home and office.
A great gift item for children who love Nemo!

This motion lamp has the following features:
- Great for decoration
- Can be used as a hall entrance night light
- AC Operated with ON/OFF Switch (No Batteries Needed)
- Size: 12.5" x 4" x 9"
- Brand New In Box
- Double sided: you can see the moving pictures from both sides of the lampTo keep the aquarium light on all night or not to keep the aquarium light on all night—that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler to give your fish a bit of darkness in the evenings, or risk stressing them out with a perpetually lit tank? Seriously, though, If there's one you don't want to do, it's stress out your fish. And fish do stress easily, especially if their environment has been altered drastically.