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Now, you’re set to introduce the breeding stock. Two males for each female are best. Males are slimmer than females, and their colors are often slightly deeper. Place the fish into the breeder net. When the fish spawn, the eggs will fall through the net and land on the aquarium bottom. (This is another advantage over marbles – you can actually see whether you’ve got eggs.)

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Fill the aquarium with fresh water (new water stimulates fish to breed) until only the bottom inch of the net breeder is underwater. Install a heater, and set the temperature to around 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. You cannot use a regular system, because it will pick up the eggs and fry. An air stone attached to an air pump will work for now. Don’t forget to dechlorinate your tap water with a proper water conditioner.

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FB1 small aquarium net breeder isolates sick and new born or pregnant fish from the aquarium committee. it comes with four suction Aloha Pete, this is Dee Kull.. I recently purchases a Special packages from you, 2 Sunburst and 2 Mustangs... They are beautiful, and very actively swimming around my tank.... I noticed that One male that I got, seemed to have a very rounded belly, am wondering if he is pregnant. I have all the necessary preparations in the event that he is. I've successfully bred and raised 8 batches of seahorses the past couple of years. But, now I have a question. Can I temporary use a fish tank aquarium net breeder when they are born? The dimensions are 10.2 x 5.9 x 6.3.

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Lee’s Net Breeder is a great way to save space while raising fry. Keeping a dedicated tank to raise young fish to adulthood is not feasible for many aquarists. Lee’s Net Breeder allows you to keep fry or any fish in a separate container within the same aquarium. It is very roomy and allows for great water circulation as it is netting instead of a plastic box. It is very simple to use as well. Simply lock in the plastic frame and secure the netting around it.
The breeder attaches to the side of any aquarium with two metal prongs that bend around the edge.

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