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Aquarium maintenance or fish tank maintenance is something that absolutely has to be done on a regular basis to get the most out of this hobby. So you've finally got your fish tank up and running but you're noticing that it's starting to look a little dirty. Or, you notice that you need to top off some evaporated water. This is the time for some routine aquarium care or maintenance. Aquarium maintenance or fish tank maintenance can sometimes be a bother for hobbyists but it doesn't have to be that way. Develop a schedule for carrying out these aquarium maintenance tasks and it will make this hobby more enjoyable. Staying on top of those water changes should increase the health of your fish and make your tank look nicer.

Starting an aquarium maintenance company requires knowledge and planning.

Help keep your tank and equipment clean with these great products from Tunze, a leader in the aquarium industry. We also carry products from OXO, traditionally used for the kitchen and bathroom, we found these great additions to the aquarium maintenance toolkit.

Aquatic Box Aquarium Maintenance Service

Dividing aquarium maintenance into manageable chunks is the key to not becoming overwhelmed Still, preparing for this month’s column has got me thinking about how I typically divvy up my aquarium-maintenance chores and how I could provide a sample maintenance schedule for those who are considering taking the plunge into saltwater aquarium keeping but may be discouraged by the amount of time and energy that they think the hobby demands. What follows is my best attempt to dissect a maintenance routine that, for me, has become largely subconscious and second nature. Another hobbyist’s routine might look significantly different, depending on the animals kept and the complexity of the system, but hopefully this will give newcomers a sense of what they can expect.

Aquarium maintenance visits consist of the following:

The only way an aquarium will remain clean is if you take the time to perform maintenance on a regular basis. Otherwise, over time the habitat will become less and less healthy for the fish.

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Aquarium Maintenance New Orleans has over 40 years of experience in servicing aquariums in the Greater New Orleans area. Currently we service aquariums north of Lake Ponchartrain and on both east and west banks of the Mississippi River.Professional Aquarium Maintenance Services for Freshwater Aquariums Includes: (2 visits per month)
Water change (15% – 25%) using gravel vacuum
Replace water with R/O water – Reconstitute RO added to replace essential elements
Leave R/O freshwater to top off aquarium
Deliver livestock and other merchandise purchased by customer
Test water for pH, ammonia, nitrite, & nitrate
Algae-wipe inside of aquarium
Clean inside filter
Replace cartridges, pads, and media as necessary (cartridges, pads, and media included with service agreement only)
Water polishing (micron cleaning)
Clean all ornaments & artificial plants
Clean & polish hardware (exterior of filters, light strips, glass tops, canopy, and stand)
Polish exterior of aquarium