The Standard Flipper Aquarium magnetised glass cleaner

If you are at all a fan of the magnetic aquarium glass cleaner and scraper, then you are going to love the . At first we were confused as to how the Fl!pper was on the market with such a similar design as the Mag-Flip, be we eventually learned that the Fl!pper is made by the owners of the flipping aquarium magnet scraper, and where at first this invention was licensed by the makers of the Mag-Float to make the Mag-Flip, that device will no longer be made and now it’s all about the Fl!pper. The Fl!pper shares a very similar design with the Mag-Flip but subtle new tweaks to the Fl!pper will make this magnetic aquarium glass scraper more attractive for even more aquarium owners.

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The RoboSnail, an automated Robotic aquarium magnet, will activate independent of the user every 24 hour period to prevent the daily buildup of aquarium algae much like the robotic vacuum cleaners that have become prevalent. The RoboSnail cleans the glass surface and upon completion of its cleaning cycle will then recharge itself via a docking station until its next cleaning cycle. The product is fully programmable for the user's individual aquariums parameters. The RoboSnail works on Rimless, In Wall mounted, and standard aquariums. The RoboSnail is capable to clean the glass of aquariums ranging from 55-150 gallons with an upper operating tolerance of .40" or 10mm in glass thickness. Subsequent models will follow that will work on a broader selection of aquariums.

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Magnetic Aquarium Fish Tank Glass Algae Scraper Cleaner Floating Clean Brush Mag Float is the brand name for a type of aquarium cleaning device that consists of two magnetic sides. One side is coarse and goes on the inside of the tank, the other side is soft and goes on the outside. Once the magnets have attached, you can move the aquarium cleaner around the glass to scrub off algae.

Mag Float magnetic glass or acrylic aquarium cleaners

I had an acrylic betta fish aquarium that was 5 gallons in capacity that I thought could use some scrubbing. The Float-25A aquarium scrubber by Mag-Float seemed the perfect size and shape for the task at hand. After taking the betta tank floating scrubber out of the packaging, you take a scrubber piece in each hand and place one piece inside the tank and the other outside of it, sandwiching the glass in between the both. When you let go of the side that’s inside the tank, the scrubber piece that’s on the outside of the tank keeps a firm magnetic grip holding the other side in place. Taking the pieces outside of the betta tank in hand, you gently and slowly start moving the aquarium scrubber as you would a computer mouse. The floating scrubber on the inside the betta tank slowly follows the path and “scrubs” the algae and other residue that would be otherwise stuck inside of your aquarium. The movement can be a little jerky at sometimes. As long as you keep the movements slow and even, the scrubber on the inside of the aquarium does an amazingly efficient job at helping clean your tank.

Mag Float magnetic cleaners for glass aquariums or acrylic aquariums.