LED Light Fixtures for Aquariums

VHO Fluorescent lights typically range from 75-160 watts and have Kelvin ratings from 10,000° to 20,000°. These lights are very expensive and produce a lot of heat. They require a ballast and/or special fixture especially for VHO lights. They have fans incorporated into the aquarium lighting unit to help keep the lights and aquarium cool. Even though they come with fans you may need to equip your tank with an to prevent your tank water from overheating. These are not as common as many of the other forms of aquarium lighting.

Considering this, the Aqueon LED Aquarium Light Fixture is perfect for your needs.

A complete line of Perfecto hoods to fit standard sized gallon aquariums, as well as hex and flat-back hex tanks. The 18" hoods can accommodate a second light for greater illumination. Choice of black, oak, or wood grain finishes. Don't need a full hood fixture? Single and double bulb light "strips" are available as well.

AquaticLife EDGE REEF LED Aquarium Light Fixture.

Fits rimless or rimmed aquariums up to 1″ thick. Includes mounting clips for two lights fixtures. Aqueon OptiBright+ LED Light Fixtures provide incredibly clear, brilliant illumination to any aquarium. With advanced features, including a handy remote control, dimming options, and sunrise/sunset modes, it's ideal lighting solution for your tank.

T5 Fluorescent Light Fixtures for Aquariums - Marine Depot

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AquaticLife is a Southern California based company that innovates, markets & manufactures premium branded aquarium equipment. AquaticLife products and information are designed to bring the experience of marine life into the home. The company manufactures a variety of aquarium products for both freshwater and saltwater applications. Water quality monitors and testing supplies, water filtration and submersible pumps are just a sampling of what this up-and-coming company offers. AquaticLife is best known for their stylish, powerful and extremely user-friendly light fixtures. They are also recognized for their outstanding customer support and helpful educational materials.

T5 Fluorescent Light Fixtures for Aquariums

All lighting can be used along with an automatic timer, which fish will appreciate. Overall, strip lights and light fixtures are meant for use with glass tops in order to provide full coverage over the top of the aquarium. Coverage greatly reduces water evaporating from the aquarium. A full hood light fixture will also provide the necessary full coverage.The & LED light fixture model 420037 is a 48-inch reef tank light. The lunar LEDs produce twice as much light as standard LED bulbs and take up less space. The frame has adjustable mounts that allow users to secure it over the aquarium. With a single cord to power the fixture, users can easily adjust the placement of the fixture by mounting it to the tank or suspending it from above. This light fixture has a blue display that is easy to see, so users can adjust the timer for maximum efficiency.